The WBA Mission (ATLANTA BLAZE)The mission of the World Basketball Association (hereafter known as the WBA) is to teach, develop, and expose basketball players to NBA, D-League, and International Scouts while providing each community an exciting brand of basketball and entertainment. The WBA Purpose (ATLANTA BLAZE)The purpose of the WBA is to serve as a training ground to develop professional players, coaches, and personnel on and off the court. Emphasis is placed on fundamental development, career development, community involvement, and education. The WBA talent pool consists of professional basketball players with 5 years or less experience and each team is limited to 2 such players on their final 10 man roster. We believe the window of opportunity for NBA hopefuls is 3 years while maintaining opportunities in other leagues such as the D-League, and European Leagues. Within 3 months of operation ( May, June and July) programs will be implemented to assist in furthering each player's development in career, education, and community involvement. The WBA is the league every player wants to play in to enhance their opportunities in basketball and beyond. The WBA is the league every professional scout wants to observe to find their future star! Such as Jamario Moon of the Cleveland Cavalier and Josh Powell of the Atlanta Hawks, both former WBA Standouts. The WBA is the next best thing to the NBA!
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