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I'm a wife, a mother of 5 children ages 6- 29, a grandmother and a mother in law. Having children at a very young age and then more of them again at a "not as young age", there are perspectives and experiences that have rooted me deeper into Truths that many women have found helpful on their own walk through motherhood. I have been fortunate to work at the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic for 25 years, serving to deliver a powerful and authentic experience, supporting optimal expression and facilitating innate function. Also with the perspective of being the daughter of a midwife,honoring the wisdom within each of us is a way of life. It is my priority to be a safe support person, especially for moms who are charged with the immense responsibility of shaping our future.
For me, having children has brought some of my most beautiful, painful, empowering, humbling, Life giving and debilitating experiences. I still learn from my children daily and the truths of who I am as well as who I am becoming, can largely be credited to their calling me to be true to my authentic design...to express, experience, and share it. I recognize that healthy, optimal and well look different for me as I experience the different seasons of mothering and life. As you can imagine, my empathy can cover a wide range of circumstances you may be facing. I have been the young mom, the old mom, the new mom, the working full time mom, the stay at home mom, single mom, married mom, newly married bridging a step dad and new kids into the picture mom, the PTA mom, the sports mom, the Moms Group mom, the college graduation and wedding planning mom and so many other descriptions we could add (but would make my website even more text heavy than it is). I want an opportunity to support you in the season you're in and help you walk confidently towards your optimal Life. I treasure the opportunities to work with people in group settings or with individuals. My involvement in many systems, organizations, and bodies of people over the years has allowed me to participate, facilitate and be witness to healthy growth, restoration and realization of health and integrity. Working with people to develop, through intention and attention, an expression of their Design, is an honor and brings me great joy.
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