DNC Demonstrators Probably a Little Tired

I am in Charlotte for the DNC and hanging out with the Occupy people. What they need after a few days is soap and a new list of chants!


Sandy Springs Police officers and dozens of other departments from around the country are helping at the Democratice National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Yesterday was the first day that activity kicked up in and outside of the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Inside, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to the delegates and other attendees and outside, the demonstrators picked up a little steam and made some noise.

The front line officers were helping the demonstrators navigate thier way around town by blocking off the areas they could not access. The goal is simple for the demonstrators - get as close to the arena as possible.

For the cops, take them along the pre-approved routes that will of course, not get them too close to the convention. It's always been that way.

They were not too happy with us.

Vermin Surpreme made an appearance during the daytime march. Unfortunately, he and his minions arrived late and found themselves on the outside of the barracades separating the demonstrators and the public.

With his boot on his head, he demanded, via megaphone, to be let in. To his surprise, the cops opened the barracade and let him in. No standoff? No cameras to hoot and hollar in front of? Unthinkable!

Occupy. That is the word of the DNC demonstrators. Each march was for a different reason. They marched against the two-party system; of course they marched against big business, and by midnight last night, they were marching to find out where the hell they started marching at earlier in the night.

Fatigue was a factor for the Occupy people, and for me too. We logged about six miles on my less-than-spiffy knees and by the time we got back to HQ, I was hurting.

Today I expect the pace to pick up even more. The Occupy people will certainly march several times in yet another attempt to get closer to the arena. They will march for a number of causes. I hope they take requests. I would like a nice afternoon march for the glorious cause of getting the old captain some transportation around town.

And finally, I have offered my writing services to the Occupy people. It seems they're running out of creative chants as the days wear on. At first they were all enthused with "Down with Wall Street!" and "Down with banks!" Now, it seems they're struggling. Last night I heard "Down with fake Michael Kors purses." and "Down with Caffine Free Diet Coke!" I think they were just tired. 

Wednesday: More of the same. 

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