Traffic Improvements for Brookhaven Intersection Coming Soon

Work to improve the traffic flow at the intersection at Ashford Dunwoody Road and Johnson Ferry Road could be just a few months away.

Courtesy City of Brookhaven
Courtesy City of Brookhaven
From the City of Brookhaven:

Drivers that travel through the intersection at Ashford Dunwoody Road and Johnson Ferry Road may see improvements in traffic flow as early as this summer, much sooner than originally expected.

Brookhaven officials and representatives from the Perimeter Center Improvement District have teamed up with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to find a solution that alleviates traffic build-up at this intersection that has long been known as one of the most congested traffic locations in the area.

On Tuesday, Brookhaven Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams presented a preliminary draft of the new design for the intersection.

The design, created by Kimley Horn & Associates, an engineering firm selected by GDOT, shows additional thru lanes, relocated traffic signals and new caution striping that is expected to shave considerable time off commutes for more than 30,000 motorists traveling through the intersection each day.

The majority of the cost for this project would be funded by GDOT with little cost to the city. Brookhaven would only contribute about one fourth of the total estimated project cost of $290,000. The city’s contribution would be used to facilitate the relocation of utilities.

The new design could potentially reduce traffic congestion by 70 percent at the Ashford Dunwoody Road/ Johnson Ferry Road intersection. Ideas and improvements developed in the city’s collaboration with GDOT will be folded into the Brookhaven Transportation Plan that will launch later this spring.

“We think this will provide immediate traffic relief while the city continues to work on other large scale planning projects.” Brookhaven Mayor Pro Tem and District 1 Council Representative Rebecca Chase Williams said in a news release.

More information about this project will be available as negotiations continue.

Douglas March 02, 2014 at 06:49 PM
I reside in the housing community on Donaldson and the upcoming development has always been a hot topic for current and new owners. Our HOA has held two meetings in which the City has attended where they shared additional information of the city plans. Dekalb County study recommended Round Abouts but the city in its infancy halted the discussion of that approach. The Brookleigh development (unsure if it would ended up Chamblee or Brookhaven so they chose Brookleigh) was required to build into their plans changes to the roads which included Donaldson becoming right turn only. In January, I presented an augmentation request to the plan to representatives from PCID, Brookhaven and Kimley Horn & Associates. The request was to not make Donaldson right turn only but be two lanes with right turn only & Left/Straight. In response to Road Scholar, this information below that was shared at the discussion may clear up your previous comment of concerns - * Traffic volume turning right on Donaldson to AD/JF exceeds the left and straight combined especially during peak traffic times. While it may seem less when you went through it, the traffic counts demonstrate the opposite. * The cycle time of the signal will remain unchanged to be in sequence with the remainder of the sequenced roadway. This limits them resolving the current reported issue in seeclickfix for sometime of the 3-5 cycles through in the morning at this light to turn right as a result of vehicles continuing on AD. I would disagree, the current light does provide enough visual site lines to make safe turns on right turns in both NB traffic from JF or AD. Additional no turn on red would further reduce traffic flow in off peak times when no turn on red is implemented with signals that are time sequenced versus solely sensor driven. I am elated to see the clarification from Ms. Chase Williams and to know that this will be moving forward in the upcoming months.
cmrc March 04, 2014 at 09:47 AM
Donaldson Drive was right only and straight/left before DeKalb 'fixed' it about 10-12 years back. When it was changed to its current configuration, initially it was signed 'No Right on Red.' That did not last long because the right lane backed up too deep and many (most) drivers ignored the sign. Even after DeKalb allowed right on red, that lane moves too slowly for the current timing. I believe returning to the proposed right only, straight/left will help. However I think Donaldson needs at least 5 seconds additional green during peak flow times. For some reason, drivers stopped at Donaldson are slow to react on green. I use Donaldson to enter AD/JF nearly every day and I often witness only 3 -4 cars clearing on green. If a Donaldson driver yields to a vehicle exiting Texaco or Mesh Corners, even less traffic clears the light.
Emilia Lanier March 20, 2014 at 11:59 AM
If sb traffic on Ash-Dun would actually move I would be taking Harts Mill from Chamblee and not cutting through at Donaldson to get to the area around Oglethorpe. Many of my neighbors use Donaldson as a cut through to avoid the backups on Ash-Dun sb.


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