Sandy Murray Joins Brookhaven Mayoral Race

More candidates entered the contests for Brookhaven's first-ever city elections.

Brookhaven's first-ever mayoral election now has two candidates.

Sandy Murray qualified on the last day of Brookhaven's qualification period and joins J. Max Davis on the ballot for mayor.

Murray, who has experience as the president of the Ashford Alliance Council, Rotary Club of Midtown Atlanta and Women Business Owners of Atlanta, started a business called Computer Essentials in the 1980s to help train people and develop software in the relative infancy of PCs.

She also started Abrakadoodle, which teaches art to preschool and elementary-aged children, in 2003. She has lived in the Brookhaven area since 2003 and recently was running for state representative in District 80, as seen on her website.

The race for District 3 of City Council also has another candidate, Deborah Anthony.

Francis R. Reedy joins those seeking the District 4 seat on City Council.

A total of 17 people qualified for Brookhaven's elections, to be held on Nov. 6.


List Of Candidates Who Have Qualified:

Mayor of Brookhaven (term ends 2015): J. Max Davis, Sandy Murray

City Council, District 1 (term ends 2015): J.D. Clockadale, Alan Cole, Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.,  Rebecca Chase Williams

City Council, District 2 (term ends 2013): Larry Hurst, Russell Mitchell

City Council, District 3 (term ends 2015): Deborah Anthony, Hope Bawcom, Julia Russo, Bates Mattison, Ben Podgor, Erik Steavens

City Council, District 4 (term ends 2013): Joe Gebbia, Francis R. Reedy, Kerry Witt

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Enuff Govt Already August 16, 2012 at 01:39 PM
I said it earlier this year and it was one of the reasons I was against another city. History has shown the county will raise taxes to make up for lost tax money to the cities. IMHO, counties and cities are structured to compete so it makes sense to me to see a county shift taxes. I'm sure one of the county positions the county will assert is the unincoporated areas are home to the sewage plants, garbage dumps , jail and other unpleasant items and the cities aren't so pay up or the cry of environmental classism will be raised; although I believe the recession has just made things more expensive. The reality is now that we are a city the county politicians do not really care what we think about taxes. Some interesting reading, " with the county’s 2012 millage rate of 10.12 mills for unincorporated home­owners, Brookhaven residents will likely pay 11.78 mills." Mary Swint-Cross Roads News Aug10, '12 and "Sen. Fran Millar cautioned Dunwoody officials to consider the toll the incorporation of Brookhaven and declining real estate values....“Don’t delude yourself. Next year, DeKalb County is going to raise taxes a lot,” Millar said. “Just get ready for it because they’re going to try to get it back.”-D’woody Reporter 08/09/12. IMHO, I like politicians and government as far away from me as possible but if tide washes in "local control" then I'd prefer a township like the representative previously proposed.
Eric H August 16, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Eddie, I agree private corporations have inefficiencies also. And I certainly would not want a private corporation providing police service, jails (shoot that's already happening) or regulation of Banks and Wall Street (shoot that might as well be the case since they seemed like they were bought and sold). But I think there may be merit in outsourcing some items. Am I concerned about saving money on the backs of workers? Sure, but frankly this country's middle class is under a far greater attack by outsourcing and misguided tax and regulatory policies. Yet many still blame the problem on government over reach or spending (even though spending has been cut at the very time when it should be going up or remaining stable to support rather than negate the just slow recovery in the private sector). EGA I agree with your analysis of the danger of the shift by the county of its costs on those living in incorporated areas. The easiest way to deal with it will be to go try to pursue the course taken in Fulton, so that it becomes easier to identify just what services the county government provides and thus monitor the expenses. However, even without pursuing that course we are in a position to get DeKalb to further itemize just where the tax revenues go and the costs of each department to better understand and deal with waste. The tax situation in DeKalb is inexcusable. HOST started out as a 100% credit. It was down to 46% and property taxes were raised 26%.
Eric H August 16, 2012 at 02:52 PM
EGA, and do you know part of the reason why the credit was raised to 59%? True sales are increasing as the economy slowly recovers. But a huge boost was the fact that this year is the first year the county gets revenues from the HOST now being applied to groceries and other essential food items. Previous to 2011 HOST like the state sales tax did not apply to groceries, but due to some sort of interstate tax compact to simplify the number of taxing brackets the State Legislature changed the HOST to apply to groceries so it would be like the LOST taxes. What's disturbing is the difficulty in finding articles about this tax increase. The CEO has never acknowledged that. Instead they just stated it was thanks to strong HOST revenues. I understand the need to simplify the tax brackets for interstate commerce and ecommerce but it is unfortunate that the HOST, that unlike LOST, benefits those in very expensive houses the most now is funded by placing an even greater burden on those who can afford it the least, including those who can only dream of being able to own their own home.
patrick August 18, 2012 at 08:58 PM
She did not want to Lose for the Second time for State House,Lets hope J Max will cause her to lose the first election in Our City.
patrick August 18, 2012 at 09:01 PM
That is a Easy question to answer,she and the late in Dist. 2,wants Yes voter ,to be Sorry for our vote.


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