Romney Wins Big in Buckhead

GOP frontrunner shows Super Tuesday strength over Newt Gingrich

Mitt Romney won most of the Buckhead precincts over Newt Gingrich Tuesday, some by huge margins, unofficial Fulton County results show.

Although Gingriich won the state over Romney, Romney captured Fulton County, with 27,136 votes, 45.64 percent, to Gingrich's 19,757, 33.28 percent. Rick Santorum took 7,069 votes in Fulton, 11.89 percent, and Ron Paul 4,792, 8.06 percent.

Romney showed some lopsided margins over Gingrich, such as 438-212 at precinct 7A, ; 457-151 at 07B, ; 339-150 at 8A, ; 406-137 at ; and 698-242 at the combined two precincts at . The attached interactive map shows the Super Tuesday totals for Romney, Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul in Buckhead's precincts.

While Gingrich had his campaign headquarters in Buckhead for a few months, and Romney only opened his days before the election, Romney has shown strong fund-raising strength in Buckhead.

Buckhead also showed some of the highest voter turnuts, such as 28.77 percent at St. James, 29.53 percent at Baptist Church; 30.19 at Brandon Elementary andf 28,56 at Brandon Primary; and 28.32 percent at .


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