Nightclub Coming to Buford Highway?

Suntan Shopping Center wants to open a 4,835-square foot nightclub on the highway.

A new nightclub may be coming to Brookhaven on Buford Highway.

The Suntan Shopping Center, represented by Tung Lin Wang, came before the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, seeking a rezoning so the center at 2847 Buford Highway could accomodate a 4,835-square foot nightclub.

The county's planning commission had recommended approval of the rezoning with conditions after the district's community council voted 11-0-1 to deny the request. The community council claimed there are too many nighclubs in the area already, and the location is too close to residential properties and would create noise issues. Council members also cited crimes issues with a previous nightclub at the property, including a murder.

The planning commission said the shopping center met the requested zoning's essential criteria.

But after commissioners were told the center exists within Brookhaven's new boundaries, the shopping center's representative withdrew the zoning request and said the center would instead go before the city government.


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