New Boundaries for City of Brookhaven to Exclude PDK

Final city limits for proposed Brookhaven cuts out reliever airport

There have been concerns about the proposed boundaries of the City of Brookhaven almost completely surrounding the existing City of Chamblee. 

To alleviate these concerns, the final city boundaries that will be proposed in the city charter will exclude the southern half of .  The northern half of PDK Airport is already in the City of Chamblee.  Click here to view the final city limits in a PDF document. 

After clicking the link, you may need to click "refresh" in your web browser for the map to appear on your screen. DeKalb County officials have convinced me that there is no real benefit to having PDK in the city limits.  The county and the FAA control the airport.  The City of Brookhaven would exercise no control over it.  Commercial properties located directly across Clairmont Road from the Ashford Park and Drew Valley neighborhoods are proposed to remain within the city limits. The exclusion of the airport has a negligible impact on the viability of the proposed city. 

Rep. Mike Jacobs is a republican state legislator representing District 80.

Julia Nelsen Sellers January 17, 2012 at 09:08 PM
The fact that still exists is that the disputed commercial parcel including Plaza Fiesta is still included in the boundary map of the City of Brookhaven. In the original HB 363 submitted map by Representative Mike Jacobs and you this disputed parcel was not included in the proposed city’s boundaries. The current proposed boundaries for the south east side of Brookhaven lie on the west side of Clairmont road except for this disputed parcel. The creators of the current map in HB 636 jumped over this stretch of Clairmont Road to include only this commercial parcel. It is not a logical boundary for the city. People are asking that the proposed boundaries for the city stay on the west side of Clairmont Road. This is a reasonable request. I hope Mike Jacobs can answer why the jump over to the east side of Clairmont Road? Why can the city of Brookhaven just stay on the west side of Clairmont Road?
Elmer Veith January 17, 2012 at 10:01 PM
While it is good news that PDK has been removed from the latest map for the proposed city of Brookhaven, Representative Jacobs seems to be ignoring the full request which has been made repeatedly by the residents of this area. Ever since the revised maps for the city of Brookhaven were released by the Citizens for North Dekalb (now known as Brookhaven YES) the communities left out of the city have asked that all commercial areas east of Clairmont Road be removed from the proposed city. When one looks at the boundaries laid out on this latest map, you see a demarcation which does not make sense when compared to the layout of neigborhoods and the streets which feed those areas. To date, no clear reason has ever been given for including these areas in this new city. If this new city needs these businesses to increase their tax digest to make this new city financially viable, then just say that. At least people won't be wondering what really motivates this border.
Enuff Govt Already January 17, 2012 at 10:08 PM
It looks like this genie of sprouting cities so they can quickly grow into large cities is completely out of the bottle. Now we learn that Chamblee wants to annex the DECA area. With the NEWEST map we see that if Chamblee gets their way they'll have section of their city that most resembles a certain anatomy part. I guess this is what we get for allowing a small delegation of DeKalb legislators to break home rule and allow legislators from the far four corners of this state vote on DeKalb matters. I was opposed to the creation of any new government in DeKalb but now it looks like we are going to balkanize with competing cities. To end this balkanzation we need to embrace the idea of Townships (very limited governments). Townships could provide the sense of community desired by many but not competing communities provided by cities. Townships would control zoning-planning-permits and code enforcement. They could create a partnership with the county on Parks and Rec. And leave the big ticket items like public safety and infrastructure with the county. If Chamblee was to grow into a big city I think we could expect their attitude to morph into something like a....
Booyah January 17, 2012 at 10:28 PM
I read somewhere that the Drew Valley neighborhood said they were more affected by the late night bars and run down stores than your area.
Jack of Kings January 18, 2012 at 05:25 PM
My view on this willingness by some to entertain more local government options comes from the disenchantment with the CEO form of government we currently have in Decatur. It is not inaccurate to say that the entrenched county government with all their legacy costs are being subsidized by Brookhaven taxpayers--and other areas that send in more than is spent in the respective nearby areas. Talk to people in Dunwoody--they have seen the positive results in a 300% increase in the local budget for park maintenance, police presence, lower crime rates and stronger real estate values than when they were just a part of Atlanta. Decatur needs to go on a diet. And as long as they have taxing authority for all services, they will continue to not make the hard choices. Having a City of Brookhaven with VERY local representation, outsourced vendors for services such as park maintenance etc, is much better in the long run. This is NOT MORE GOVERNMENT with more costs. A City of Brookhaven merely enables us to have more of a voice for our immediate area. More government would imply higher taxes and duplication of effort. There would be a streamlining effect on services and police responses. This issue will obviously be divisive. And change is always difficult. But who here think that Decatur and the CEO is being judicious in their spending? How m any here like the fact that our commissioners advised Mr. Ellis to delete the $158,000/year Public Safety Liaison position--and was ignored?
Enuff Govt Already January 19, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Then let's change the county government. Easy enough, the state legislators for DeKalb can quickly create a bill to change from a CEO style to a commission with a county manger. And I gotta to disagree, a county government plus a city government equals two governments anyway we look at it. More government is not the answer and things aren't as they seem in the neighbor to the north especially along the lines police services. I look at the other online that publishes the reported crimes and Brookhaven's number are far lower. I was told the other day that the north precinct showed over a 25% drop in violent crime and about a 15 % drop in property crimes. The sky is not falling!
Jack of Kings January 19, 2012 at 02:26 PM
"Easy enough" to change the CEO style form of government? With all due respect, you may want to research that before you declare how easy it is to change what has been attempted already in the past. It is difficult to discuss this issue when an incorrect assertion is bandied about as fact. If you want to say that having lower taxes and more local representation and more efficient use of taxes means that it is MORE GOVERNMENT and that label makes you be against the City of Brookhaven, that is your right. But my definition of LESS GOVERNMENT is paying less people in our area to do what the County Government does for us in Parks, Police, Code Enforcement.
Enuff Govt Already January 19, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Seems it is easy enough to create a new city. And are you advocating that we need less police, parks and code enforcement? Because a new city will definately downgrade police services.
William January 19, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Julia- Respectively, I beleive the answer to this question has been given. The businesses along Clairmont are at the enterances and adjacent to Drew Valley and Ashford Park. How does it make sense that a business on one side of the road is 'connected' to those neighborhoods but the business on the other side of the road will not have any impact if they are left to violate code and zoning? The businesses along that stretch of road need to have code and zoning enforcement. Code enforcement, zoning, public works projects, and police protection paid for by the citizens of Brookhaven will have a positive impact on the area and will benefit those living in the city limits and those living adjacent to the limits. I'm sure you will disagree and find a reason to send everyone from the DECA facebook page over here to comment...that's your right and I respect your opinion.
William January 19, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Respectfully, see my answer above. I'm pretty sure you are overstating the 'tax digest' provided by these commercial areas, but that's something I'm sure we can disagree on. I'm not sure the Hooka Lounge is powering the city of Brookhaven. However, with proper zoning and code enforcement and better police protection provided by the citizens of Brookhaven, hopefully this area will improve and benefit those in the city limits and those adjacent to the limits.
William January 19, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Ask Dunwoody if their police services have been 'downgraded'...or Sandy Springs or Johns Creek and so on... The fact of the matter is that police is defined as a municipal service and it should be provided by municipalities. The state constitution was amended to allow counties to provide these services back in the early 70s when DeKalb was about half the population. With a population at 700,000 and rising (albiet slowly rising compared to our neighbors), the county has reached a point where it can no longer deliver many municipal services efficiently to the entire populus. Thus the rise in taxes and drop in service levels and budgets. The county is spending roughly between 20% and 30% more per captia today than 10 years ago out of its tax funds budget. New cities are pretty natural and normal things. They provide local control and are more efficient and responsive to their residents. About 60 or so new municipalities are created in the US every 5 years and mostly in states like Georgia that are seeing/have seen population growth. And it isn't 'more' government or another 'layer.' You aren't putting a sweater on over your shirt. It's like you have been jogging in jeans and that worked over short distances, but now that you are running longer distances, they are terribly inneficient...so you replace those with with a pair of athletic running pants. It's a better layer because it suits your needs better and a more efficient layer for running...but not another layer.
Enuff Govt Already January 20, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Seemed relevant; From the MDJ-Mariettas’ business person of the year leads a group that says, "Marietta’s governance model is broken From the AJC,"Fulton cities pitted against each other for money". There is NO urgent need for a new government. “The total number of serious crimes reported in the city declined less than 1%”- Dunwoody Police Chief talking to the DHA. The north precinct reported a drop in of more than 25% in violent crime and a 15% in property. To me it looks like the county has a better service, especially when you think of cost. Dunwoody spends close to half its budget on police; the county by contrast spends maybe 1/7 of their budget on police. Public safety and infrastructure are expensive enterprises and best delivered from a large pool.
William January 20, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Interesting take on those articles...let's finish the quote from the Dunwoody Police Chief, shall we? "Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan said crime for 2011 was down 0.9 percent from 2011. He said it was difficult to compare to service under DeKalb County because when people know a call to police will be answered, there tend to be more calls." And let's get our facts right...the 2012 Dunwoody city budget is 20.9Million with 5.8M budgeted to police. That isn't anywhere close to 'half'. DeKalb's police budget is roughly $100-$110 Million out of a tax funds budget of around $550 Million. Dunwoody spends roughly $125 per capita on police (and that is permanent population...not daytime population). If you consider unincorporated DeKalb is about 600,000 folks...DeKalb spends roughly $190 per capita on police that's about 50% more per capita than Dunwoody. It's awfully inefficient to deliver municipal services over such a wide area and to such a large population. Throw in DeKalb's often disfunctional leadership, and I'm not sure why anyone inside the area would be against cityhood.
Justin Turner January 20, 2012 at 08:54 PM
@ William (a.k.a. Bill HIghtower C4ND Boardmember) - I respectfully request that you and your C4ND/BrookhavenYes comrades provide your full names when posting comments. I wouldn't want anyone to get the impression that you are not biased on this issue. I make this request because of your comment to Julia: "I'm sure you will disagree and find a reason to send everyone from the DECA facebook page over here to comment". This snide comment implies that her actions as a resident of an affected neighborhood are less legitimate than the actions of you and your fellow C4ND board members that are trying to dictate the fate of thousands of Dekalb Co. residents living inside and outside the proposed Brookhaven boundaries. However, I'm sure you will disagree with my comment, and get some of your C4ND/BrookhavenYes comrades like Stan Segal (a.k.a. Stan, a.k.a. Brookhaven Man in his posts on Patch) to post more assenine comments like the one he made on 10/18/11 to Julia: "If someone said the sky was blue, this group would argue whether it was the sky or the outer atmosphere". Regards, Justin Turner (Clairmont Terrace Resident, Neighbor to Julia Sellers)
Enuff Govt Already January 20, 2012 at 11:10 PM
I sincerely hope that is a misquote from the Dunwoody Chief. If not it's an extremely odd statement considering Dunwoody has been providing their own police since early 2009. On their police budget I stand corrected; their 2011 brochure said police was 31% of their total budget. The county police represent about 20% of the total budget and included with that are animal services and code enforcement, although I think Code Enforce is tranfering to a new department. The per captia is misleading. Dunwoody, Chamblee , Stone Mtn or any city in the county (except Atl) isn't funding all the enhanced police services like specilized detectives, motorcycle officers, k9s, helicopters at al. In the on line county budget books I also located a few other interesting facts. Police-For FBI part 1 crimes, back in '08 the county police cleared 43% of crimes compared to the national average of 31%. In '10 they cleared 67% compared to the national average of 31%. For Parks in Rec; In '08 the county operated 11 centers at avg cost of 234K serving 143000 people. In '11 they operated 13 centers at avg cost of 205k serving 250000 people. The county isn't perfect but it's more efficient than people give it credit. Dysfunctional leadership is found everywhere so why give it a new home in Brookhaven?
Stephen Anderson January 25, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Parts of the Ashford Park neighborhood are excluded by these boundaries. An effort should be made to keep the neighborhood in tact. I realize that this may be because the City of Chamblee has already made claim to part of the neighborhood. Either the City of Chamblee should work out a deal (i.e. parts of the proposed boundary become part of Chamblee in exchange for the remainder of Ashford Park) with the proposed City of Brookhaven or make an effort to bring the remainder of Ashford Park into Chamblee. In any case, during this time of change, an effort should be made to keep the neighborhood whole. In just the last few months, an effort was undertaken to try to unify the neighborhood and establish it as "one" by placing sign toppers on all of the street signs within the neighborhood. Now we are going to draw a line in the neighborhood and place it into two different cities? Thoughts?
don Gabacho January 27, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Yes. "Enough" is "enough."I think this whole idea of a City of Brookhaven be dropped plus Chamblee and Doraville dissolved as cities and become unincorporated areas of the county.
C February 01, 2012 at 02:32 PM
What about those who live across the street in Ashford park? I see you have removed the airport but now those who live on Jefferson street are no longer in the Brookhaven city proposal? Shouldn't all of ashford park be included?
John Summers February 01, 2012 at 09:46 PM
It is funny to see responses saying that the Plaza Fiesta parcell is being considered to be the entrance to Ashford Park and Drew Valley considering that the rear of the property is facing these neighborhoods while the front of this shopping center is facing DECA. And when I last checked the USPS website, Plaza Fiesta's official mailing address is 4166 Buford Hwy 30345, NOT Clairmont Rd 30319.
John Summers February 01, 2012 at 09:50 PM
I agree, It is funny to see the response from @William saying that the Plaza Fiesta parcell is being considered to be the entrance to Ashford Park and Drew Valley considering that the rear of the property is facing these neighborhoods while the front of this shopping center is facing DECA. And when I last checked the USPS website, Plaza Fiesta's official mailing address is 4166 Buford Hwy 30345, NOT Clairmont Rd 30319.
don Gabacho February 10, 2012 at 02:29 AM
"It is funny to see responses saying that the Plaza Fiesta parcell is being considered to be the entrance to Ashford Park and Drew Valley... I don't think it funny at all for reasons far greater than any zip code.
NorthDeKalbCounty.org February 24, 2012 at 10:35 PM
PLEASE take the survey at http://northdekalbcounty.org/. Lets see what people REALLY think. Thank you!!!


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