Murray Endorsed By Brookhaven's First Elected Official

Jim Eyre endorsed Sandy Murray in her bid to become Brookhaven's first mayor.

One day after he became Brookhaven's first elected official, Jim Eyre endorsed Sandy Murray in her mayoral runoff against J. Max Davis.

In an email sent to supporters on Wednesday that was forwarded to Patch, Eyre said, "We have to elect a mayor who will be willing to work with a diverse city council, one that will hold true to the virtues of honesty and openness and one that has no personal agenda. I believe that person is Sandy Murray."

Murray came in second in Tuesday's first-ever Brookhaven city elections, finishing with 36 percent of the vote, compared to Davis' 49 percent. Larry Danese and Thom Shepard came in third and fourth, respectively.

Both Eyre and Murray were opponents of Brookhaven cityhood during this year's contentious debate. Davis was the leader of BrookhavenYES, the organization which advocated the pro-municipalization movement.

On Tuesday, Eyre handily defeated another BrookhavenYES board member, Russell Mitchell, in the District 2 city council race, capturing 55 percent of the vote to become the new city's first elected official in history.

Brookhavens Big Daddy November 13, 2012 at 02:01 AM
To the Ashford park residents that have lived here for years remember the signs that I created that say...Ashford Park a Friendly Brookhaven Community. It was the Jim Eyre’s of the world that kept Ashford Park just that. Anytime anyone would like to come and sit down at the park with me I will tell you what happened when we were approached by Mike Jacobs and his band of thugs that told us it was going to be forced on us. This almost new city called: Jacobs Haven. We were told just like the group at D,E,K,A...(they went to Chamblee instead) what they were going to do and if we did not like it they would go around us. All we were trying to do was to protect the interest of our community that we and so many others had worked for years in our community of Ashford Park. Anytime you think your property value goes up in Ashford Park just because you live here.. you are wrong. It is your foot soldiers in your neighborhood who help keep your values up whether the moms at the school or the dads that are having the clean up at the school yard or the Ronnie Mayer and Jim Eyre going to hundreds of DeKalb county meetings. We all do it for the love of our Community. Let's play nice...please.
Brookhaven will fail November 13, 2012 at 03:09 PM
I live in Ashford Park. I was against the city. I voted for Jim Eyre and Sandy Murray. District two is the blue in a sea of red. All the yes folks wanted the city and now you are going to have to deal with those of us that were against it. No going back now. Funny that the only clear elected official was against the city. I'm going to vote for Sandy. I hope she wins. Oh, and my house is under contract and will be sold just after the election. Buh-bye.
Let's Make Brookhaven Great November 13, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Typical of the mindset of many voting for Sandy Murray. If you would like to see the City fail vote for Sandy Murray. Obviously having ones home sold and moving out of the area makes it fiscally more viable to be spiteful.
patrick November 15, 2012 at 11:18 PM
No that is not, for jim WAs against the city{will not listen to those who did not vote for him}, But it would be for J Max Davis since he was For our city,and for allowing us to vote on it .
patrick November 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Thank you for reminding those of us in Ashford Park Percent,that Did not for him,will have to wait until we can have a voice in Dist.2


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