More Candidates Qualify In Brookhaven Elections

Among others, Rebecca Chase Williams joins District 1, and BrookhavenYES' Russell Mitchell qualified for District 2.

Five more candidates qualified on Tuesday for Brookhaven's Nov. 6 election, including a BrookhavenYES board member.

J.D. Clockadale and Rebecca Chase Williams have qualified for District 1. Williams is a member of Citizens of North DeKalb, as is , who thus far is the only announced candidate for mayor.

District 2 now has candidates of its own: Larry Hurst and . Mitchell was on the board of directors for BrookhavenYES, and also is a member of Citizens of North DeKalb, representing the Drew Valley community.

A mix-up has been fixed: Bates Mattison, who had originally qualified for District 4, has been moved to District 3. Julia Russo joins him in that district.


Up To Date List Of Candidates Who Have Qualified:

Mayor of Brookhaven (term ends 2015): J. Max Davis

City Council, District 1 (term ends 2015): J.D. Clockadale, Alan Cole, Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr.,  Rebecca Chase Williams

City Council, District 2 (term ends 2013): Larry Hurst, Russell Mitchell

City Council, District 3 (term ends 2015): Hope Bawcom, Julia Russo, Bates Mattison, Ben Podgor, Erik Steavens

City Council, District 4 (term ends 2013): Joe Gebbia, Kerry Witt

Stay with Patch as more updates become available.

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Eddie E. August 15, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Dean, Give up the whole 'fud' concept. You have work to do making the bogus promises come true. Get to steppin!!
Eddie E. August 15, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Will there be anyone on the 'ballot' who doesn't stand to profit from the sheeple in the Montgomery Precinct (without whom we would not need an 'election')?
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 01:13 AM
"Mr. don Gabacho, separate and apart from our regular conversations, do you have a selection or three for your favorite local Mexican restaurants?"---Hamburger Sorry I don't. I had a dear friend, an Okie who passed away, whose favorite restaurant was a Mexican place on Buford. It broke my heart to tell her that, after my living in Mexico, I refuse to patronize restaurants whose owners refuse to hire anyone unless they had, willing or not, been exported from Mexico. Especially this one where most every dollar "captured" would obviously go to the owner's ranch in Mexico to, in part, feed a horse portrayed everywhere on the restaurant's giant murals. I'll eat tacos being sold from a car's trunk though usually around construction sites I'm passing. I even stopped one time at the taco stand alongside and part of the MxConsulate when it was on Apple Valley Way. It was pretty good. The next day, when I had passed by, it was closed for good. No gringos allowed, I'd say.
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Not as good as the tacos de cocinta with hand-made tortillas made from corn grown by the same hand as very occasionally encountered in Mexico. Most tortillas in Mexico are made from flour with more chalk in them then corn. They're like eating the cardboard from a box of Kellog's Corn Flakes with chalk rubbed all over them---inside and out. The best restaurants in Mexico, btw, arent' restaurants. They are called "Cosinas Economicas" where a neighborhood woman will set some picnic tables out in her front yard and serve lluch with "aguas" (ades). My favorite was fresh-squeezed tangerineade. The very best Mexican meal I had was a sort of Eggplant Parmesan but, instead of eggplant, jicama. When I eat Mexican food, like my Italian food, I just make it at home. When I go out to eat, I go for Chinese or Southern-style cafeteria.
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 01:29 AM
PS: Oops! You mentioned "sea food cocktails." Look for Mexican restaurants that are announcing themselves to be "Verucruzano." There is really no such thing as "Mexican" food unless you are referring to Chilango (MxCty). The cuisines in Mexico are highly regionalized. The Yucatan has awful seafood (always deep fat fried in cheap, rancid oil) but pretty good stuffed hush-puppies and cabbage (kibis: acutally Lebonese). Tabasco has pretty good beef dishes. Tamales (safe to eat because they are steamed and require no silverware or dishes washed and rinsed in water) are best at, of all places, bus stations. And so on...
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Brookhaven Police . . . And Fire . . . All along, as information about the Dunwoody Daycare Shooting evolved, it became apparent there was some disconnect between the fledgling (it still ain’t there yet) police department and the true investigation regarding this shooting. Today, my suspicions were proved correct. I am in no way disparaging the DPD, but they are just not the power house that DCPD is because of their lack of funding and range of experience. Remember Chief Grogan’s letter from earlier this year? And, they think they can have a fire department? Maybe, we have some enlightenment as to what we are in for in the new city of Brookhaven . . . First off, when you give up DCPD, you are giving up a lot. And, this goes for any areas to be annexed into Chamblee. DCPD is a first rate PD that is not cost effectively duplicated. Research what you are getting ready to lose. Because of the various incorporations that have and may take place in the future, it is going to be more expensive than it previously cost, but that is what you wanted, right? The Dunwoody PD was a selling point for the Brookhaven Yes crowd. Earlier this year Chief Grogan laid out his department shortages and needs through 2017, which he actually needs today.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 01:34 AM
The Other Dunwoody (Paved With Intentions) has an entry entitled “Brookhaven Police Department” which encourages new city voters to examine the Dunwoody Police Department Five Year Staffing Recommendation. Makes you want to look a little closer at the Vinson study. Makes you wonder just how much more budget creep will be required due to government creep. Makes you wonder just how realistic the Vinson study really is! TOD – Brookhaven Police Department http://tinyurl.com/72esjog “Take a few moments and read the recommendations for yourself. Then ponder what it really means in the context of Brookhaven.” http://tinyurl.com/7rjpykb There is a lot of data to absorb, but the information is very detailed and gives insight into the needs of a police department. Compare the demographics of Brookhaven and Dunwoody and you may conclude Brookhaven’s PD will have greater demands, thus greater budget requirements.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 01:34 AM
DCPD is not perfect, and hopefully they are on a road to purge themselves of less desirable employees. Unfortunately, we will be losing their experience and expertise in the near future. Today, you find out the cost of an insufficient police force: Report: Dunwoody PD Didn't Suspect Andrea Sneiderman as a Suspect to Begin the Investigation http://tinyurl.com/8qzzxfk Dunwoody police admit overlooking Andrea Sneiderman as murder suspect http://tinyurl.com/9lapv9x The Other Dunwoody http://tinyurl.com/8tnfqw4 They may not be effective, but they sure are pretty! I could care less if you like special hamburgers, yellow mustard, thin sliced onions and pickles, and Cheerwine, but you need to know just what you may be giving up and what a potential liability you have created for yourself, your loved ones, and others. However, when the time comes, will you admit what the vote for cityhood has cost us?
bhavenliving August 15, 2012 at 01:36 AM
HamBurger - are you a contributing member to this society because you appear to have a lot of spare time on your hands?!? You are one angry and lonely patty. Maybe you need a hotdog in your life.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Just curious, is that a contractual offer? Please pass the yellow mustard!
Tom Stallworth August 15, 2012 at 01:47 AM
Hello all. My name is Tom Stallworth and I would like to announce my candidacy for Mayor. I am a proud District 4 resident that looks forward to serving the needs of all Brookhaven residents. I did not vote in the July 31st referendum. So, I can honestly say that I have no allegiance or alliance with either the Brookhaven Yes or Brookhaven No crowds. I will be holding my campaign kickoff later this week at the Loco's Deli located at 2840 Briarcliff Road. For more information, please contact me at stallworthformayor@gmail.com.
JBrookhaven August 15, 2012 at 02:00 AM
You say J. Max has no neighborhood or community experience? You are wrong. Further, why criticize the man for his profession? Irrelevant to the discussion at hand. Why don't you direct your seemingly endless amount of free time doing something to hep the remaining parts of a broken/corrupt Dekalb County governement, and less time being so critical of a yet to be tested city government.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 02:14 AM
Mr. Tom, you say: ”I did not vote in the July 31st referendum.” Mr. HamBurger says: You may want to go back tomorrow and get a refund if you have already paid your fees. It would be presumptuous of me to tell you how to vote, however, there is plenty to fault you for seeing how you did not vote. Regardless, I just love free food. I will see you at Loco’s and be asking for a special hamburger. If they tell me it is not on the menu, I will be the one arguing with them and giving them step by step directions on to make one! Really, you admit you did not vote and you are running for office? Another WTF Brookhaven moment . . .
HDM August 15, 2012 at 02:17 AM
Thanks for coming to The Patch to announce your intention Tom, I look forward to hearing more about what you would do as Mayor of Brookhaven
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Really? . . . You are kidding, right? I am still thinking WTF? Good luck man . . . No, I’ll wait on that special hamburger . . .
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Mr. Jeff, I did see a space ship arrive from Uranus this evening, were you on it? If so, you must have been gone for some time now . . . Well, you have a couple of months to reacquaint yourself with Mr. J. Max Davis now don’t you? Nothing like rekindling a warm and fuzzy for your preferred candidate! Please, if I am mistaken, post your facts. He has neighbors that will affirm your claims. Are you going to the secret meeting hosted by Rep. Mike Davis Tomorrow? Look, if you require a caterer, I have some special hamburgers for you!
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 02:47 AM
"Maybe you need a hotdog."---bhavenliving In 1961, at the window of Fatso Zesto's on Cheshire Bridge, I told the counterman at the window, "I'll have one of your frankfuters." Puzzled, he said: "Frank-footer? Nope. Never heard of no frank-footer. We don't got none." I said, "Sure you do. You've got a tweve foot sign of a one foot frankfuter, right there!" "Hunh?. That's a weiner!" Several weeks later, at the Varistiy: "Whaddayahave? Whaddyahave, Whaddyahave?" "I'll have a weiner with saurkruat and mustard, please." While looking like he wanted to kill me, "We don't have saurkraut." Stupid me, then asked, "Well, what do you do have?" He rattled off what they did have but talk about a 'Wiener Nazi"! ("Ain't Noo Yokers rude?") I've been eatting my hotdogs at home since; and I'll cook up a bunch of them whenever Channel 8 repeats its glorification of the Varsity and Frank Gordy---the owner who would rush people off their tables to keep their line of suckers moving because he was so "friendly." Bar none, the Varisty must be the rudest restaurant that ever existed; and leave to Atlantans to, in eulogizing it, demonstrate the greatest penchant for deluding themselves, and indulging a masochistic streak a mile wide, of any city-dweller I've ever seen. Until now: Brookhaven.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Mr. don Gabachio, to elicit that kind of response, you indeed must be from New York! We have had that problem ever since we paved the roads heading north! Please, no offence, there are always exceptions! Want me to post my Varsity knock-off chili recipe for you? I never eat a Nathan’s or Abeles & Heymann without it. And, for my special Jew buddies, I have my killer alternative on special reserve! Maybe when Rep Mike Jacobs made the move from Toco Hills I should have sold and bought those three places more southerly off of Lavista and Briarcliff . . . Or, Naples . . . Aren’t politicians great? Regardless, they all go well with thin sliced onions and pickles!
Tom S. August 15, 2012 at 03:15 AM
I look forward to learning more about the candidates from their own mouths and not what passes through the blogosphere like undigested red meat. When and where are the public debates?
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 03:26 AM
"Want me to post my Varsity knock-off chili recipe for you?---Hamburger Thanks but no thanks. I don't eat hotdogs with chili. I eat frankfuters with sauerkrat and mustard, Gulden's. Nathan's hotdogs are ok. Hebrew National, which is what the NY side-walk vendors would sell, is better than any "weiner" I've ever had. In my book, it's hard to beat an Oscar Mayer. Or Ball Park when they're on sale.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 03:28 AM
Mr. Tom, have you thought of contacting Rep Mike Jacobs? He has the debate schedule and will be glad to share it with you! Please pass the yellow mustard!
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Mr. don Gabacho, understood, and I will be willing to compromise up to the point where you started talking about Oscar Meyer or Ball Park. That is the point where the roads should have been left unpaved and with rain exceptionally muddy! I have a feeling you with appreciate my killer alternative on reserve . . . For me, unless you make me, please pass the yellow mustard!
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 03:40 AM
PS: I'm surprised you didn't tag me for my saying what I just did about the Varisity after telling you about our cruising days between the Dairy Queen in Norcross and the Varisity. FYI, when we hit the Varisity we'd just cruise its upper parking lot and not buy anything. We were there for the same reason for the cruising. Desparate for the Goddess of De-Virginity dropping out of the sky and through our car's open window to bless us with her patron art. Anywhere between singing along with the Top-40 radio, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, the Tallahachee Bridge thing, Georgia on My Mind, Sittin on the Dock of the Bay and our personal favorite, Roger Miller's KING OF THE ROAD. If we had the money to buy anything but gas and malt licquor, it would be for---yup--- a hamburger in the Shoney's rear parking lot. Not the best in Atlanta. But far better than the Varistiy's lump of petrified beef spam. At the time the very best hamburger in Hotlanta was at a small lobby restaurant at the Darlington Apartments.
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 04:06 AM
PPS: The only place I've ever had a good hotdog in the South---and they were great---were in Louisana's bayous where grocers would have meat-grinders in their shacks and make these hotdogs out of chicken and boil them in Dixie beer. But, go ahead and give me your chili recipe. I do like chili especially in the winter when its cold outi though not on a hotdog. I'll reward you with a few things I ate in Mexico that were damned good until, at least in one instance, I asked what it was. That's when I learned that if you have to know what you're eatting, ask after you ate it.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 02:19 PM
Mr. don Gabacho, ever find yourself on the upper deck when the old cop patrolling the parking lot came up to address situations out of control and you had to jump off the deck? This recipe is very close in taste to the Varsity chili recipe from the Frank Gordy years. Recipe attributed to Chuck Lane. Ingredients: 1lb ground chuck-leaner the better 1 ¾ cups water 2 TBS chili powder 2 tsp paprika ¼ tsp cayenne pepper ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp granulated garlic 1 tsp granulated onion 2 tsp salt 1 dash Tabasco sauce Directions: Put water and all ingredients except meat into saucepan and stir well. Add meat breaking it up with your fingers as the meat is added. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and leave uncovered until the liquid has evaporated and the consistency is as you like. Freezes well.
Eric H August 15, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Welcome to the race. And I look forward to hearing more. Though I would recommend holding he event in Brookhaven. Also most people who voted didn't have an allegiance or alliance with either of the groups. And while I am constantly in disagreement with HamBurger's posts and often the style, I'll admit I probably agree with the position of "not voting" not being a badge of honor.
Eric H August 15, 2012 at 02:55 PM
I assume she will relinquish her writing for the Crier. She is a good person, knowledgeable and smart. While not in agreement with 100% of her past positions on neighborhood issues I do think she would make a good council person.
HamBurger August 15, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Interesting article about journalists covering the news and making the news . . . http://tinyurl.com/d2rm4bq Please pass the yellow mustard!
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 04:15 PM
"I do think she would make a good council person."---Eric Coming from a fellow publicist, very noble of you.
don Gabacho August 15, 2012 at 04:35 PM
"Mr. don Gabacho, ever find yourself on the upper deck when the old cop patrolling the parking lot came up to address situations out of control and you had to jump off the deck?"---Hamburger No. Since we weren't going to buy anything we didn't park to use up a space. A fellow (not Nipsy Russel) with a crazy hat made it pretty clear not to the first and only time we used a space to order nothing but a single order of onion rings. Thereafter, whenever we showed up we were definitely tracked by a fellow in a prison-yard like conning tower. Somehow a very friendly place even when you bought something, gulped it down on the spot and used your own carry-out trash bag. Right? To reciprocate for the chili recipe, I'll try and figure out what the recipes for what turned out to be pig blood sausage, minced (chicken) eyeball tacos, Cabrecita (which I thought would be a mound of shredded goat meat but turned out to be a baby goat's opened skull to expose the edible brain with facial muscles and eyeballs still attached) and "Sopa de huevos" (mountain oyster soup).


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