Vote At These Precincts? Then You'll Be Voting On Cityhood

With cityhood vote only six days away, Patch has a list of the precincts that will be participating in the vote.

Voters in 12 DeKalb precincts will be deciding on the issue of Brookhaven incorporation next Tuesday, July 31.

The precincts are:

  • Ashford Dunwoody (, 3110 Ashford Dunwoody Road)
  • (2968 Cravenridge Drive)
  • Ashford Parkside (Ashford Parkside Senior Residence, 3522 Blair Circle)
  • Briarwood (, 2235 Briarwood Way)
  • Brookhaven (, 1375 Fernwood Circle)
  • (1626 North Druid Hills Road)
  • Montclair Elementary (1680 Clairmont Place)
  • Montgomery Elementary (3995 Ashford Dunwoody Road)
  • Nancy Creek Elementary (1663 East Nancy Creek Drive)
  • Silver Lake (, 4500 Peachtree Road)
  • (3034 Curtis Drive)
  • Skyland (, 1850 Skyland Terrace)

And here's how the ballot will read:

City of Brookhaven Incorporation
(Vote for One)

"Shall the Act incorporating the City of Brookhaven in DeKalb County according to the charter contained in the Act and the homestead exemptions described in the Act be approved?"

Eric H July 26, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Oh, another reason Reed is for it is because the city and counties get their share of the 15% or 1.5 billion raised from TSPLOST. If TSPLOST passes but Brookhaven doesn't I'll be disappointed. Dealing with GDOT and DeKalb will not be fun for the line item $5 million dollars for Ashford Dunwoody. Dealing with GDOT and a City of Brookhaven would be much better. I question if DeKalb will spend a fair portion of its share of the 15% in Brookhaven or if they do if they will it be for good projects that we want? If I new Brookhaven would happen I'd feel a little less opposed to this tax that is very regressive and hides the true cost of driving by subsidizing road widening with a tax on groceries (plus the loopholes they put in! Delta Air avoids it on their Jet Fuel but the small airlines or private owner don't, the sale of gas is exempt from it??? the cost of a car over $5,000 is exempt from it .... just to name a few.
Eric H July 26, 2012 at 09:24 PM
DeKalb gets its drinking water from the Chattahooche, that's what those facilities in Dunwoody are. We pull near Holcomb Bridge in Gwinnett. Lanier is the reservoir built to serve much of Metro Atlanta, Chattahoochie comes out of it or goes through it.
Eric H July 26, 2012 at 10:38 PM
I wasn't saying restrict. There's a difference between mandatory and voluntary. But yes the more they develop around lake lanier and points north around the smaller feeder streams to Lake Lanier the more runoff and non source pollutants you get. Do we filter that stuff out? yea? Heck they are letting Gwinnett dump treated sewage that's as clean as drinking water into Lake Lanier. Guess I'm old school but I worry that the more chemicals, heavy metals or pollutants that get into lake lanier the bigger the risk.
Eric H July 26, 2012 at 11:00 PM
I knew the chemicals we put on our lawn are a big pollutant contributor. I didn't know about the lack of protective clothing, that's a concern. Not to go off on a tangent, I've heard that these "professionals" apply the chemicals in the proper proportions where individuals will often over apply, so I wonder if they are better. Though it seems to me the people who apply all these chemicals to their lawns the most are the one's with these yard services, so maybe they do result in more runoff. Bottom line education is needed, because often its these non point pollutants that hurt water quality the most, more than a pipe from a factory.
don Gabacho July 31, 2012 at 08:52 PM
"BrookhavenYes paid fees to DeKalb for use of Ashford Park for the Family Fun Day last Sunday...Despite three weeks notice of the event, the park grass was not cut for the event. " ---cmrc I walked through the park during the event. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the grass. What was wrong, was a large, portable barbeque unit that had been placed under the free-standing roof over the picnic tables---fire, smoke and all. Obviously, the BYessers must think money grows on trees.


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