How Brookhaven Voted on Cityhood

Breaking down how the 12 precincts in the Brookhaven area voted on cityhood.

Now that voting is finished and Brookhaven is on its way to becoming a city, election results show just how each of the in the area voted on the cityhood proposal.

These figures come from the DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections website, specifically the end of this large pdf file.

  • Ashford Dunwoody (): 63% yes, 37% no
  • : 45% yes, 55% no
  • Ashford Parkside Senior Residence: 65% yes, 35% no
  • : 52% yes, 48% no
  • Brookhaven (): 46% yes, 54% no
  • : 53% yes, 47% no
  • Kittredge Magnet School (formerly Nancy Creek Elementary): 67% yes, 33% no
  • Montclair Elementary: 36% yes, 64% no
  • Montgomery Elementary: 70% yes, 30% no
  • Silver Lake (): 46% yes, 54% no
  • : 50% yes, 50% no
  • : 43% yes, 57% no

Click here to see more DeKalb County election results.

Dr. Jeff August 02, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Eric... I hear your views... You bring out good points... I do wonder about the percentage of illegal immigrants who do not report income... Also, what is the demand for social services, which are very costly, for these folks? The issue of illegal immigration is a tough issue for our nation. There are no easy answers to deal with the numbers of folks here today. Going forward I believe our govt needs to protect the borders, support border officers, support states that share borders with other nations, better engage the govt of our border nations, & revamp the immigration system. I have read the same statistics about net zero rate of immigration with Mexico and Central America. Despite the current rate of illegal immigration our govt still needs to act on our nation's immigration system so that we have individuals coming to be part of our nation through appropriate legal channels.
Eddie E. August 02, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Arrest the people who commit the crime of hiring illegals. Put them in prison and auction off their stuff. The rest of the problem is self-correcting.
Tom Reilly August 03, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Hey,"Hamburger!!" My figures indicated as of Sunday that the projected voters were 50% in favor, 40% against, and 10% undecided. Out of some 30,000 eligible voters, only some 10,000 actually exercised their right to vote for their future. About 1,000 voters made the crucial difference. No wonder that I've been voting since 1964!!--Tom Reilly P. S. When are you going to tell me your REAL name??--TR
HamBurger August 03, 2012 at 04:20 AM
Mr. Tom, best to you, we are closer than you think. I hope all is well. Would you care to share more of your historical knowledge of the Brookhaven area with us? What about a website? Regarding your vote numbers, they are a little off, but that is OK. μια προσευχή για σένα I have a Cheerwine and a special hamburger for you!
Eric H August 03, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Dr. Jeff, I agree we should work on addressing the nation's immigration system so that they can come here via legal channels, part of this is through setting quotas at appropriate levels. I also want to make clear I certainly agree we can't let everyone in and that borders should be guarded and enforcement actions taken as appropriate. Though like many other countries our country does have a long history of sending mixed messages regarding immigration. On one hand saying no you can't get here but on the other hand saying if you get here as long as you don't cause problems (felony arrests for example) we won't mess with you, and ultimately if someone successfully navigated this amorphous status for five or ten years there was an opportunity to get legal status. As to costs vs. economic contribution, yea that's a calculation that people can argue both ways. Obviously the lowest group on the economic ladder tend to cost more. Though undocumented workers don't get full access to benefits like citizens in the same economic status do (medicare, welfare, unemployment). Then again much of the government support of the lower economic working class can be viewed as corporate welfare. Wal-Mart would not be in existence if not for government aid to its workers since the wages paid are not enough for a working parent to survive. But immigration isn't the City's responsibility. And at the city level they do add to the city revenues.


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