Update: Holcomb and Boedeker Slug it Out in 81

Scott Holcomb had a prominent Democrat step down so he could run for the seat. Meanwhile, Chris Boedecker flashed a few bare-knuckled tactics to win.

Update: 10:32; Race could be out for Boedecker. Boedecker 45 percent vs. 55 percent for Holcomb with 55 percent. 



Update: 9:35 p.m;Race tightens a bit. Boedecker 43.5 perecent vs. 56.4 for Holcomb. 9,695 votes counted. Still a wide margin. 60 percent is a whooping

Update: 9:00 p.m.; In the state House 81 race, Holcomb leads Boedeker 57% to 43% with 5 of 16 precincts in that race reporting.Holcomb looking good.

Our reporter at DeKalb election central reporting that in-person absentee votes for House District 81: 6,020 votes total; Boedeker, 2,626 votes and 43.6 percent; Holcomb, 3,389 votes and 56.30 percent.


Tucker, North Druid Hills and Brookhaven’s hotly contested legislative election started in a unorthodox manner. Georgia's legislative maps were redrawn to conform to new census numbers. That would affect the race from the start.

It meant GOP hopeful Chris Boedeker would ultimately face Democrat incumbent Scott Holcomb, after junior legislator Elena Parent voluntarily stepped out of the race and chose not to run for re-election in the newly configured district.

Parent’s and Holcomb’s districts were merged into one single District 81 by legislative Republicans when Georgia's legislative maps were redrawn to conform to the new numbers.

Reapportionment is mandated every 10 years with each new Census, to reflect population changes. The state's majority party is responsible for re-drawing the maps, and in 2010, that responsiblity fell to Georgia Republicans.

Both Parent and Holcomb have referred to each other as friends and colleagues, and are widely considered to be rising stars within the Georgia Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Boedeker displayed bare-knuckled tactics in his primary fight and the general election to do what it takes. With GOP opponent Carla Roberts , that contest was filled with accusations flying back and forth from both sides. Boedeker tried to have Roberts disqualified from the race by saying she wasn't a legal resident, a charge that was dismissed. Roberts claimed intimidation.

The general race has been no less controversial, as both cadndidates have papered Tucker, Brookhaven and North Druid Hills with mailers.

Some went negative, even by parties. House Democrats accused Boedeker of suggesting Holcomb used illegal drugs while serving in the U.S. Army.

Holcombs’s supporters remained silent after the primary, but Boedeker's charge against Holcomb finally prompted a statement that defended his service:

Boedecker’s GOP challenger Roberts had this to say: "Mr. Boedeker’s campaign commercial used doctored video to make it sound as though his opponent ... had admitted to using drugs. Rep. Holcomb, a military veteran, said nothing of the sort, but the fabricated implication was crystal clear ... Mr. Boedeker’s deplorable attempt to smear the reputation of a man who put his life on the line to protect American citizens has made my continued silence impossible."

Roberts, who lost in the GOP July primary, also defended herself against accusations she “didn’t live in the district.”

Stay with Patch throughout election day and night for up-to-the-minute results as votes come in.

Jeff Schoenberg November 06, 2012 at 03:15 PM
So, to be clear: Boedeker spent all his efforts in both the primary and general elections hurling mud and lying about his opponents. He's been called out repeatedly by members of his own party for his odious behavior. Boedeker is unfit for public service. Holcomb has won endorsements from the Right, Left and Center. It would be great if you'd cover the real story here as a service to the electorate, and not write the same old "horse race" story.
Jordan Fox November 06, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Well said, Jeff. I agree 100%.
Jason Massad November 06, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Sorry you see it that way, Jordan Holcomb e-mailed me this morning called it a fair story, but pointed out he had done no negative campaigning. Worth noting.
Eddie E. November 06, 2012 at 04:47 PM
I'm glad the 81st District will once again fend off the 'onepartystate' mentality that has helped keep GA at the bottom of most national measures of intellect or success. In 2014, it would be nice to see the General Assembly populated with more Citizens to help Scott Holcomb move Georgia Forward!
Tom Doolittle November 06, 2012 at 10:10 PM
I'm a Conservative (am conservative in most respects)--really libertarian. That can mean many different things. For me, conservative and libertarian are terms rooted in "stewardship" and "humble governance" (judiciously and sparingly applied). None of that exists in this particular one party we have railroading issue after issue. I wonder if anyone has stopped to consider how much time and energy we have been required to expend (including fighting with our friends) to try to educate ourselves, mobilize and deflect misinformation on so many constitutional referendums. This is not just TSPLOST, Amendments 1 and 2--but also the Republican sponsored new city referendums (neighbor against neighbor folks). This ruling body is just simply disruptive, cynical and manipulative. (and obviously, this is not a party rant because there are plenty of Republicans in the Tea Party persuasion that feel this way). These guys are just PESTS! Now to the Holcolm/Boedecker--can you imagine what the current crop of scorched-earth power mongers would dream up for The People to bend over and take with a SuperMajority? How much AJC ink and space will be required--how many public meetings--how many lawsuits--how many Supreme Court cases--how many friends' and neighbors' relationships to mend.


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