Herman Cain Stops in Brookhaven

The GOP presidential candidate joined Gov. Nathan Deal and others to discuss his plans for America

While GOP officials did not publicly endorse Herman Cain at his Sunday night book tour stop in Brookhaven, there was no doubt who attendees supported when he stepped up to the podium at the inside the .

Cain, the 65-year-old former CEO of Godfather's Pizza - who just one day before beat out both Texas Governor Rick Perry and Mitt Romney in the Florida straw-poll vote - took home another victory in the straw poll vote Sunday garnering well over 50 percent of the vote with 250 votes while getting nods from the National Federation of Republican Women and TeaCon 2011, a Tea Party straw poll in Illinois in the same weekend.

"Two months ago, my name ID was 21 percent. Today, my name ID, based on the latest Gallup Poll, is about 51 percent," Cain told the cheering crowd.

The Georgia native, who has embraced his 'man of the people' persona to ingratiate himself with voters who have grown weary of the political machine of Washington, continued to hammer away at the Obama administration on the economy, taxes, immigration and deficit reduction to the more than 500 attendees Sunday night referring to the administration as a, "deficiency of leadership crisis in Washington, D.C."

"Problem solving is not going on in D.C. Creating problems is what's going on in D.C," Cain said referring to the economy and deficit reduction.

"People want to hear a solid message about how we want to deal with the economy, a solid message about how we're going to deal with the deficit," he said. [The straw polls] says that the message means more than money."

Cain's book This Is Herman Cain! will be released officially Tuesday, Oct. 4 by Threshold Editions, the conservative arm of Simon & Schuster.

Before Cain closed his remarks he asked attendees to be sure to do three things: "Stay involved. Stay informed. Stay inspired."

Rick October 03, 2011 at 08:22 PM
Wait, did he stop in Brookhaven or Dresden East?


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