Commission Chair: Brookhaven IT, Finance Will Go Online On Dec. 17

Most other services for the new city of Brookhaven will begin Jan. 1, says Brookhaven Commission chairman,

Only a few services will be ready by the time Brookhaven officially becomes a city at 12:01 am, Monday, Dec. 17.

According to Reporter Newspapers, Brookhaven Commission Chairman Ben Vinson said some of those services will include finance and IT. Most other services will go online on Jan. 1, 2013.

Vinson said negotiations are continuing with DeKalb County to determine waht other services the county will provide to the new city, such as zoning, and at what price level.

DeKalb County will continue to provide core services such as water and sewer, police, fire and schools, he said.


In another cityhood note, the co-chair of the Brookhaven Commission's offices committee said the city should be able to move into temporary office space before the end of 2012.

According to Reporter Newspapers, Jed Beardsley and the committee have identified several temporary office locations that they will present to the newly elected mayor and city council, once DeKalb County has certified the Dec. 4 election outcome.

He also said the committee has identified options for police headquarters and other permanent offices.

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What's The Next Step For Brookhaven?

Sign of things to come? December 10, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Contact your elected officials and ask where the temporary office spaces are located. You might be surprised to learn that almost all are not within the city of Brookhaven.


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