Chamblee Tax Rate Stays Same

The Chamblee City Council voted to keep property taxes at the current rate, and this week's council meeting was postponed until July 24.

Property taxes for Chamblee will stay the same for now, as the Chamblee City Council voted last week to keep the property tax rate, or millage rate, at 7.4 percent.

At its work session, the council also reviewed several projects to improve city streets for both traffic and pedestrians. Some of the projects are:

  • Peachtree Road – making the area around the MARTA station friendlier for pedestrians, including widening sidewalks and adding landscaping. Also, adding on-street parking.
  • Chamblee Dunwoody Road – looking into making this area more walkable and improving traffic flow
  • Peachtree Road parking improvements and medians
  • Improving traffic flow around the new Chamblee Charter High School
  • Improving the area from City Hall to Clairmont Road

Those items will now go before the council for a vote at its next meeting, which has been postponed until Tuesday, July 24. This week’s meeting was cancelled because the mayor and mayor pro tem were out of town, according to City Manager Niles Ford.

cmrc July 18, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Another example of a healthy city taking care of business in DeKalb County.
Enuff Govt Already July 19, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Chamblee annexed their way to financial stability. They nearly maxed out their millage at 7.95 and were having talks about cutting core services; in 2004 the millage was 4.13. Miraculously there was a "grass roots" effort out Huntly Hills pushing to be annexed into Chamblee and somehow this included the commercial district along PIB. After the annexation it was stated they have more resources for Chamblee and the millage was eventually reduced to 7.4. The City of Chamblee is mostly foreign born, male and a renter and it's a great place to cash a check at 2am or if your in need of an "foot" massage as there's one on every corner. A healthy city taking care of business?
Thomas Hogan July 19, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Enuff Govt 3 things are obvious: You don't understand millage rates, Chamblee’s finances, and you just plain hate our City. While I can't help how you feel about Chamblee, I can help give you (and others) an understanding of the financials work... A millage rate is determined only after a budget has been set and the tax digest is known. When the tax digest (value of all real estate) falls, the millage rate has to rise to meet the budget. The Chamblee city council has a very prudent approach to finances. In these challenging times, we have established a safe target for our reserves (3 months or 25% of our operating budget), removed our dependence on variable funding sources, paid for the services to the newly annexed area and put cash aside to be fully prepared in case the voters south of PDK vote in favor of annexation. For the sake of putting on a happy face, we could have lowered the millage rate significantly THIS year, but instead opted to be prudent (issue no tax anticipation notes and not dip into our newly established reserves). I say all this because it would not surprise me at all if the 2013 millage rate were 5.5 or lower. Listen, some of us do a lot of work trying to improve the image and feel of our communities, and it is hard to see a neighbor be so ugly, reckless and abusive when you write post after post with what can only be characterized as tasteless mis-truths. A foot massage business on every corner? REALLY? C'Mon Man!
Enuff Govt Already July 19, 2012 at 03:42 PM
The millage was raised prior to housing downturn and the annexation vote. My last count (a few weeks ago) was 13 massage parlors. Do you as councilman know how many massage parlors or pawn shops (etc) operate in your spear of influence? Nothing reckless just my observations.


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