Update: Chamblee Annexation and Brookhaven Cityhood

About 60 percent of Chamblee residents are in favor of annexation.

HB 1006 has passed the House and awaits Senate action.  If passed and signed by the Governor, this bill would permit a referendum by the DECA-area neighborhoods (East of Buford Highway, South of Clairmont-Tucker, and North and West of I-85) to vote on whether they want to annex into the City of Chamblee.  A recent poll taken at a Dresden East Civic Association meeting showed approximately 60 percent of attendants in favor of annexation. 

City of Brookhaven/Ashford Update

HB 636, the bill to allow an incorporation referendum on the formation of a new city of Ashford, has not seen much action since the last [newsletter].  As a recap, the bill has passed out of the House of Representatives with the city name of Ashford, and a hearing on the bill before the Senate State and Local Governmental Operations (SLGO) Committee is expected on Tuesday, March 13.

Amendments expected to be offered in the Senate include:

  • Changing the name back to Brookhaven. 
  • Amending the City Council Districts to create 4 single-member districts instead of 3. 
  • Amending the boundaries to account for HB 1006, my bill to allow a referendum for areas of our district to annex into Chamblee.  This means the Plaza Fiesta/QT commercial area will be dropped and the city’s eastern boundary would be Clairmont Road.

Interested persons should write to the Senators on the Committee and express your viewpoints.  Senators to write to include all SLGO Committee members, and Sen. Fran Millar, the Senator who is carrying HB 636 in the Senate.

Here is the contact information of the relevant Senators:

Chairman Butch Miller: butch.miller@senate.ga.gov (404) 651-7738
Vice Chairman Rick Jeffares: rick.jeffares@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-0503
Secretary Frank Ginn: frank.ginn@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-4700
Senator Donzella James: donzella.james@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-1379
Senator Steve Gooch: steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-9221
Senator Doug Stoner: doug.stoner@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-2518
Senator Horacena Tate: horacena.tate@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-8053
Senator John Wilkinson: john.wilkinson@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-5257

Senator Fran Millar: senatorfranmillar@gmail.com (404) 463-2260


Elena Parent represents the 81st legislative district.

Booyah March 11, 2012 at 07:50 PM
WOW Bill, and to think you were there in 1871and now have a computer :>)
HDM March 11, 2012 at 07:59 PM
even in your fabrication governance in the area would be far superior to what Dekalb County Government provides.
Bill Lowe March 11, 2012 at 08:27 PM
You can't run a time machine just off of projections, promises and hopes. Sometimes you have to look back to the past to see how it started to give an idea of where it is going in the future. DeKalb County is so diluted now, not many see the riches. Smaller government like Doraville had it made, until the various schemes got too big and the money started falling off. Happens to everyone that lives a life of greed and invites others to participate. I would like to see this continue in the spirit of a new city....Prove me wrong.
not one of 60 March 12, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Bill Lowe is not the voice of all, noe the voice for a very western resident of "DECA"; Is Chamblee going to pick up trash 2x a week; and yard debris and recycling the other 2 days! Walking a 1/2 mile is not impressive for anyone!
Steve Walker March 12, 2012 at 04:02 PM
Chamblee is very lenient when it comes to trash pick up. They have machines that suck up leaves piled at the curb. You don't have to spend hours and dollars stuffing leaves into paper bags purchased at your local Lowe's or Home Depot. There is a savings to you right there from City of Chamblee.


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