Brookhaven to Begin Prioritizing Road Repairs

The assessments will begin on Monday, Feb. 25.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 25, Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) will begin an evaluation of the pavement condition of public roads in the City of Brookhaven.

This pavement assessment analysis will allow Brookhaven to catalog and prioritize road repair needs and prepare plans to address future service requirements.

Using an automated data collection vehicle specially equipped with video, lasers, computers and other assessment equipment, IMS will drive every public street and collect data on the pavement condition of each road. They will also collect information on other roadway assets such as road width, curbs and signs.

The pavement condition survey is expected to take about two weeks to complete. Once the data is evaluated, the city will produce a report on the road pavement condition. This report will be used to develop a long-term paving plan.

“This pavement condition survey is the first step toward setting the repair goals and priorities in the city,” said Mayor J. Max Davis. “This survey will give us a long-range plan from which to budget future improvements throughout our city. Creating safe, uniform and usable streets is a basic requirement in building a first class city for our citizens, businesses and visitors.”

 IMS uses an automated system to collect pavement condition through a vehicle equipped with video and laser scanning. The lasers assess smoothness and cracking of the pavement to provide an objective and scientific system for evaluating pavement condition.

Driving at 10 to 15 miles per hour, the truck will collect data throughout the City in a fraction of the time it would take for someone to collect the information by hand and provides a scientific system upon which to base prioritization.

“Many roads in Brookhaven have not seen repaving or pothole repairs in years,” said Davis. “A routine and regular road maintenance program is something Brookhaven has been missing over the last decade, and I am excited to get this process started.”

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