Brookhaven Sidewalk Update: City Celebrates Connectivity

The mayor and council participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony this week to celebrate the newly constructed sidewalk on Ashford Dunwoody Road.

Screenshot courtesy The Brookhaven Post YouTube video
Screenshot courtesy The Brookhaven Post YouTube video

Brookhaven Mayor J Max Davis and members of the city council gathered this week to celebrate the city’s efforts to connect neighborhoods to schools, businesses, and public transportation through a network of new sidewalk construction. 

The mayor and council participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the newly constructed sidewalk on Ashford Dunwoody Road as part of this pedestrian accessibility initiative. 

Transportation plans for Brookhaven going forth include bike lanes, trails and paths to aid pedestrian connectivity.

See the attached video from The Brookhaven Post for more on this week’s ceremony.

mary kirkendoll March 29, 2014 at 08:05 AM
Marjorie, at least you do recognize Brookhaven IS functional. They are the fastest growing zip code in Georgia. Along w/ growing pains comes, lawsuits, brief filings, etc.. There's alot of development going on and if you know anything about local governments the types of litgation you're seeing in Brookhaven are quite common. You'll also notice similar litigation in Roswell a city w/ 3 zips in the top 10 fastest growing. It's the ugly part of the growth process. When you see a stagnant city, such as Chamblee, that no developers are coming into, no rezonings, no growth, you won't see any type of attys' filings, because there are no attys' representing anyone. People should be demanding answers from Chamblees elected officials as to why they are continuing to impede and block any growth or development. Chamblee w/ its 3rd world open borders to every criminal looking for refuge policy will continue to keep any positive growth at bay. Bravo to Brookhaven, Decatur and Roswell for making the 'growth' lists. Again, Chamblee,... nothing. When are the few American citizens left in Chamblee going to get fed up w/ this charade?
Marjorie March 29, 2014 at 09:50 AM
I was being sarcastic. Brookhaven is utterly dysfunctional. 'Fastest developing zip code in Georgia' may be good for developers, but for the people actually trying to live in a community, it can be a nightmare (I quit even trying to go near Dunwoody years ago--Brookhaven will soon become another traffic nightmare to avoid at all costs, unless you like spending hours in bumper to bumper traffic). Maybe you think living in a construction zone is nice quality of life, but I don't, and it's terrible for any real sense of community. Know what we call uncontrolled growth in the body?? Cancer. Dunwoody is already clearly in Stage 4 (as is Roswell, another place I won't even attempt to go). Brookhaven is currently metastasizing.
mary kirkendoll March 29, 2014 at 09:56 AM
What a backwards way to think about growth. All growth bad. Typical.
mary kirkendoll March 29, 2014 at 10:07 AM
Dunwoody is an exceptional place to live/worl/play. Beautiful parks, high valued park-like neighborhoods, many ammenities, high acheiving schools, jobs, businesses, etc. Majorie, there is no virtue in keeping an area down and in poverty , like Chamblee. There are traffic problems all over Atlanta. Atlanta was poorly designed from the beginning and the rail system is adequate (primarily, due to backwards thinkers, that vote against progress!). Cities that are growing and attracting businesses will better be able to offer citizens security and a future and implement complete streets and traffic solutions! Chamblees so poor they cant even clean trash from the roadways. Now that's quality of life! (sarcasm)
mary kirkendoll March 30, 2014 at 07:53 AM
correction- Atlanta's rail system is INadequate. Tho' companies and mixed use are being built the way they should along much of Marta, like Dunwoody & Brookhaven building density and Decaturs and east line stations. Aren't people baffled by the lack of development at Chamblees station? Now it looks like instead of mixed use or public use, ie park, water park, skate park, the property that's sat empty for 10 years along PDK might turn into councilman Hogans baby,... a solar farm. The problem being politicians that get in it just for themselves!


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