Brookhaven Launches Search for Police Chief

Five Questions with Marie Garrett, newly appointed Brookhaven city manager.

Editor's note: Marie Garrett was announced as Brookhaven's first city manager on Wednesday. Today, she answers Five Questions from Patch.

1. Mayor Davis has said the city needs to hire a city manager before hiring a police chief. Now that you've been hired, what's the latest with a search for a chief of police for Brookhaven?

Garrett: We have launched the search for chief of police today.

2. There have been reports of Brookhaven looking for a private company to collect its trash? Is this something that is being actively pursued?

Garrett: We are currently exploring all options in regards to trash collection, but no decision has been made. We will continue to receive sanitation services through DeKalb County as we currently do.

3. How soon will the city begin purchasing the parks that are inside city limits from DeKalb County?

Garrett: We plan to have the parks acquired from DeKalb County by Thanksgiving 2013. 

4. Do you anticipate any problems or issues that may arise as the city's budgetary process moves forward?

Garrett: No. We are taking a conservative approach. The city is looking at all sources of funding, expenditures and revenue streams in order to provide the residents of Brookhaven with a fiscally-sound and solid budget.

5. You obviously have a lot of experience. Is there anything different about Brookhaven specifically that you've encountered that is different from other cities for which you've worked?

Garrett: Every city has its individual identity and no two are alike. The city of Brookhaven has a profound energy. The excitement for serving the community is demonstrated every day by the committment of the mayor, council and staff to the residents of Brookhaven.

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Enuff Govt Already February 28, 2013 at 10:32 PM
Ms. Garrett, These are comments from pre election. "Lower Taxes. Increased police presence. Local zoning control." Rep Jacobs -11/16/11-Patch "Increase in police presence. Jacobs said DeKalb County averages three to five officers per shift, while the minimum number of Brookhaven officers would be seven per shift. [commander of DeKalb County's north precinct .. he has anywhere from six to twelve officers patrolling the area.]"-Patch 11/16/11 "Brookhaven will have more than twice the number of officers on patrol than Dekalb"-J Max Davis 5/11/12 "Davis - We already pay taxes for these things. The SWAT team would likely be the team utilized by Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Roswell that is part of intergovernmental agreements. Any fee or cost associated with it would be paid for out of the $6.4 million police budget"-Patch 6/25/12 "Police coverage will double"- JMD the Crier July 2012 How are you and the chief going to accomplish theses goals? There is more public input allowed on sanitation than on police, why? And why is there no side by side comparisons published by the city showing the differences in services from current police services to the future city police? Cost comparison? Would the city acknowledge a Brookhaven Police will not have the same capabilites as our current police service?
HamBurger March 01, 2013 at 01:38 AM
Mr. EGA, you ask some very pertinent questions not addressed by C$ND, Brookhaven Yes and Brookhaven. There is a reason for this, they, as of today, have no clue. Regarding questions to Rep. Mike Jacobs, good luck, he has his new city. Since his city has been formed, he is MIA. And, as for anything related to reforming DeKalb County he is MIA as well. You do know that Brookhaven is still in DeKalb? As for Mayor J. Max regarding the number of officers the city and shared use of services beyond basic police coverage for the specialized police services such as medical examiner, SWAT, etc, you may want to ask him for specifics and an outline of what his ideas are. And, the cost for specialized police services. Good luck with this, and, please share your findings. Policing is multifaceted and beyond the scope of the Vinson study. But, you now know that? There are a lot of folks out here that would like to know what our OverLords from District One will allow us to have in their new city. Ask the question, please share your response. Additionally, ask Mayor J. Max where we are with our policing agreement with DeKalb County and when our city court will be in operation and handling tickets issued by the recently sworn in DeKalb County police force acting on behalf of Brookhaven will be effective. Are we loosing revenue?
HamBurger March 01, 2013 at 01:41 AM
But, if you really want to know what is going on, buy JD a beer or two at Pub 71 and you just might get educated. For your reference: http://thebrookhavenpost.net/?page_id=1035 http://thebrookhavenpost.net/?p=327 If this new city is so transparent, why is this new city so un-transparent? Please pass the yellow mustard!
HamBurger March 01, 2013 at 02:52 AM
Less information to the purposefully uninformed Brookhaven masses so the elite can run their city as they please? Those frustrated citizens choosing to be non-vocal because ultimately they will be ignored because they are not in district #1? Is that the goal for the C$ND and Brookhaven Yes Lunch Bunch? Very disappointing for this new city forced on many. Was this the goal of C$ND? And Brookhaven Yes? Mayor J. Max? Thin sliced onions anyone?
Eddie E. March 01, 2013 at 03:31 AM
Mr. Burger, Now now, with the new city in place, Representative jacobs is back to his REAL goals, Destroying MARTA, eliminating public education in Dekalb County and waiting for his chance to become a Senator.


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