Brookhaven Feasibility Study Released

Estimates determined that City of Brookhaven operations could yield an annual surplus.

Residents living in the proposed City of Brookhaven could end up paying lower taxes or using an estimated $3.4 million surplus for additional services, according to the feasibility study released Monday by the Citizens for North DeKalb.

Georgia State University's Carl Vinson institute concluded that based on the study area's property taxes and insurance fees, cable, electric and gas franchise taxes, law enforcement confiscated monies, parking fees, fines and beverage taxes, the new city would yield approximately $28.5 million in revenue. Conversely, the expenses of running the city, including salaries for the city council, city manager, clerk, police, parks operations, and facilities management would cost the city approximately $25 million. This number, according to the study, includes annual operating expenses, start-up costs and capital expenditures.

Citizens for North DeKalb released yesterday the study conducted by the Carl Vinson institute. The study is a necessary step in moving closer to establishing Brookhaven as its own city.

"I am encouraged by this report.  Based on current tax revenues and estimated expenditures, a city of Brookhaven would realize a budget surplus," said Citizens for North DeKalb spokesman Stan Segal in a written statement. "The feasibility study already reflects a higher level of service than DeKalb County currently provides.  The surplus could be used to finance a property tax reduction or a level of service beyond that contemplated in the study, or both."

The study area defines as its boundaries a 12.02 square-mile tract with a population of 49,188. It includes Fulton County to the west, Dunwoody to the North, Chamblee to the east and a portion of I-85 to the south. The median income of $56,231 with a 12 percent poverty rate, compared to all of unincorporated DeKalb County whose median income is 51,457 with a poverty rate of 14.5 percent.

Rep. Mike Jacobs, who is responsible for introducing the legislation to form a City of Brookhaven has scheduled two meetings to discuss the findings on Nov. 15 at and Nov. 17 at . Both meetings start at 7 p.m. The citizens group also plans to hold smaller informational meetings throughout the community.

Read more coverage on Brookhaven's proposed incorporation plans on our dedicated page.

Frustrated Incorporated November 14, 2011 at 11:26 PM
From what I have seen of the CVI study, your police services will not be better. DeKalb PD has better resources to handle Buford Hwy. Gang Unit, DUI Task Force, Well staffed Narcotics Unit, K-9, Intel Unit, 2 inner precinct anti crime units to name a few. Buford Hwy will consume a small municiple PD. Dunwoody has nothing that compares to Buford Hwy.
Major Ellison November 15, 2011 at 07:44 PM
Here are the numbers for the North Precinct as of 11/15/2011: In the Brookhaven area (per map in this article) I have anywhere from 6 to 12 officers patrolling 24/7. Currently, the area described in the map is approximately 80% of my precinct. I have 105 sworn officers patrolling and investigating crimes. I also have 6 detectives dedicated to property crime investigations. I have a daytime traffic/burglary team that enforces traffic laws in the school zones. When school is in session this team is on burglary suppression. I have a night time Robbery Task Force that targets violent crime during the overnight hours. They make robbery arrests and target drug activity. Violent Crime in North Precinct is down 28% and Property Crime is down 15% from 2010 as of 11/15/2011. I hope this clarifies what we are doing in the Brookhaven area. Thanks, Major Ellison North Precinct Commander DeKalb County Police 404-297-3814
Justin Turner November 17, 2011 at 03:28 AM
Thank you Major Ellison for shedding light/providing facts on the alleged "sub par" level of police services that Mike Jacobs/C4ND are using as justification for their push for incorporation.
Tom Reilly November 19, 2011 at 11:44 PM
You should have heard the levels of applause rendered for the Dekalb County Police, the Dekalb County government, and the Dekalb County Commissioners at the Montgomery Elementary School meeting on this topic last Thursday, November 17th. The first group received loud appreciative applause every time. The second and third groups: It was embarrassing to even be in the room, and their were two Commissioners present!!--Tom Reilly
Frustrated Incorporated November 20, 2011 at 05:11 PM
The meeting Thursday was a spectacle. Mike and C4ND tried to loudly usher attendees past the Concerned Citizens for North DeKalb table at the entrance to the school because they oppose city hood. Then C4ND took the audience for fools by saying they are non-partisan for or against city hood. I wouldnt believe me if I stood up there and said something so incredibly insincere. Then Major Ellison was interrupted by Mike Jacobs as he explained DeKalb County Police Department's operations in Brookhaven. Finally J. Max Davis had to have the last word by denigrating the DeKalb Police Department because according to him they refuse to patrol his neighborhood. A very childish and immature performance by Mike and the C4ND.


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