Brookhaven Commission Votes for RFP Structure

The commission also gave updates from its committees.

The Governor's Commission on Brookhaven approved, by unanimous vote, to adopt a task order contract structure for its requests for proposals.

This structure allows for the city to have a contract with several firms or vendors at once. When the city has a task that needs to be completed, it would go to those vendors under contract to see who would be able to complete the task most efficiently.

Eden Freeman, assistant city manager for Sandy Springs, presented the model, which is used in her city.

This structure benefits the city by allowing for constant competition among the vendors under contract to the city for services.

The commission plans to issue RFPs from its 10 committees by Oct. 19.

The commission's vote for this structure in no way binds the incoming City Council members to accept it, explained the commission's acting attorney Bill Riley. The vote is only a recommendation to the incoming council members.

Council members could scrap it and begin with a different model, but that would require more time and resources that in December are unlikely to be available.

If that happens, Commission Chairman Ben Vinson said, "They win. We lose."

Other items of note from the meeting:

  • The Project Management & Communications Committee on Monday acknowledged the first 99 volunteers who completed a volunteer form on the commission's website. Since then, another 40 to 50 volunteers have applied.
  • The commission now has a working phone system set up. Although the phone is unmanned, anyone with concerns can call the commission members at 404-949-0679. However, the best way to contact them is online.
  • The first candidate training session was held Tuesday. The next meeting will be Saturday morning.
Albie Alright October 12, 2012 at 10:21 AM
Anything to be less like Dumbwoody is a good thing.
Chris October 21, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Amen to that ... let's not dare follow Dunwoody and be successful or sustainable with anything we do. In fact, we should be just like Dekalb. They are a much better role model.


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