Brookhaven Commission Decides To Continue Business As Usual

Besides approving its formal report, the commission also decided to continue meeting until a mayor and city council has been fully elected.

It'll continue to be business as usual - at least, as usual as possible for a city that still needs to elect a mayor and four city councilors between now and Dec. 17 - for Gov. Nathan Deal's Brookhaven Commission.

On Wednesday night, the commission decided to continue its efforts in ramping up the city, given the fact that only one city councilman has been officially elected, while the other city officers await a Dec. 4 runoff.

"As a result of there being no governing authority possible yet after yesterday's special election, the Commission will continue in a business as usual fashion conducting its efforts to support the ramp up for the City of Brookhaven" said Kim Gokce. 

The commission also decided to formally adopt and approve its official report that will be presented to the mayor and city council, once all of them are elected (attached as a downloadable PDF to this story).

The commission also cancelled its regularly scheduled weekly meeting for Thursday night, but will resume that schedule at 8 pm on Nov. 15.

Chris Kehl November 09, 2012 at 04:49 PM
A wise move forced on this group by the situation. If they didn't fill the vacuum I'm confident we'd see more anti-city political drama. The reality is the new elected officials still retain the power to completely shift the focus immediately, or throughout the first year. Kudos to these volunteers, they are doing their best to serve their new city as it evolves. Hang on right though, I suspect the evolution has just begun.


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