Brookhaven Commission Announces Committee Co-Chairs

The 10 committees created by Brookhaven Commission Chairman Ben Vinson will each be co-chaired by a commission member and a Brookhaven resident.

Brookhaven Commission Chairman Ben Vinson has announced the Brookhaven citizens who will co-chair the five Core Function committees and five Working committees.

Each of the committees will also be co-chaired by a member of the Brookhaven Commission.

A list of the Brookhaven citizen co-chairs is below.

Core Function Committees

Contracting & Proposals

  • Members:  J.D. Clockadale (Commission Co-Chair), Pat Hoban (Citizen Co-Chair)

Executive Search

  • Members:  Todd Lantier (Commission Co-Chair), Kathy Forbes (Citizen Co-Chair)

Offices & Facilities

  • Members:  Jed Beardsley (Commission Co-Chair), Mike Elliot (Citizen Co-Chair)

Project Management & Communications

  • Members:  Kim Gokce (Commission Co-Chair), Shawn Keefe (Citizen Co-Chair)

Transition Services

  • Members:  Ben Vinson (Commission Co-Chair), Don Bolia (Citizen Co-Chair)


Working Committees


  • Members:  Todd Lantier (Commission Co-Chair), Bruce Whitmire (Citizen Co-Chair)

Planning, Zoning & Municipal Code

  • Members:  Jed Beardsley (Commission Co-Chair), Jack Honderd (Citizen Co-Chair)


  • Members:  J.D. Clockadale (Commission Co-Chair), Charles Robertson (Citizen Co-Chair)

Parks & Recreation

  • Members:  Kim Gokce (Commission Co-Chair), Sue Binkert (Citizen Co-Chair)

Public Works

  • Members:  Kim Gokce (Commission Co-Chair), Michael Roberts (Citizen Co-Chair)
Grieg Ericsson September 25, 2012 at 06:05 PM


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