Brookhaven Cityhood: So What Happens Now?

Reaction comes in, as the legislation is now in the hands of Gov. Nathan Deal.

So now what?

Passed in (literally) the final hours of the 2011-12 Georgia General Assembly session, the . 

Deal can either sign the bill, veto it, or simply take no action on it whatsoever. If he signs the bill, the issue of Brookhaven incorporation will be put to voters on July 31.

“The legislative process has run its course," said , R-Atlanta, the bill's primary sponsor. "It has been a tough road, but I am glad that the citizens will have the right to choose their form of local government. That is what HB 636 is all about.”

Ashford Neighbors, a group of Brookhaven and unincorporated DeKalb County residents, in the creation of the proposed city.

Shortly after Thursday night's vote, , D-Atlanta, told Patch, "I look forward to the continuation of the robust community debate on this issue, and it will be very interesting to see how the community decides in July."

"I am worried about the financial injury to DeKalb County if another new large city is created," said , D-Decatur. "But, I also don't know if the voters will approve new taxes for duplicated services."

through which groups of residents would have to follow to gain cityhood. Jacobs argued throughout the session that this measure has followed the same, two-year process that the cities of Sandy Springs and Dunwoody followed, on their way  to incorporation.

For a bill that created so much controversy under the Gold Dome this session, passage in the state House on Thursday night came quietly and without any fireworks. Jacobs took the floor shortly before 10:30 pm to ask for approval for the Senate's amendments to his bill.

The Brookhaven Republican took no questions from the well of the House, and outgoing , D-Atlanta, offered the only comment from the floor, highlighting the DeKalb legislative delegation's overall opposition to the bill.

Earlier in the session, House Majority Leader Ed Lindsey, R-Atlanta, led an effort to The Senate version reverted to the city's original name, and Lindsey - one of House's most influential members - offered no objection to the change from the floor.

Booyah April 28, 2012 at 04:06 PM
I'm sorry but this is a lame tactic. Trying to start infighting between districts when a city doesn't even exist. How about you have more traffic lights in your district then I do, or my street lights use less power. Lame, lame, lame. A good city manger deals with maintenance issues and a good master plan deals with the difference between capital improvements and maintenance.
don Gabacho April 28, 2012 at 04:59 PM
(1 of 2) Despite the blatant conflict of interest it was and remains, Jacobs sat, and may still sit, on the so-called "citizen committee" of 'Brookhaven Yes' resulting in Brookhaven Yes being as responsible for: 1) Jacobs' conflict of interest as Jacobs, 2)the resulting---and lingering---burden thrust upon the public trust, 3) and irrevocable perception, if not reality, of Brookhaven Yes being an unduly formed governmental commission composed of, in part, private citizens serving, witting or not, as proxies of Jacobs and like public office-holders or, if witting, outright vigilantes. The whole having all the earmarks of "corporatist" governance. "Corporatist" as in the form and procedure of governance that---both formally and informally---incorporates entities ordinarily independent from government* into government and its central, obsessively hegemonic authority. *Ex: labor unions, teacher associations, bar associations, civil rights organizations, the media, churches, academia, citizen committees, neighborhoods and governments including municipal, state and national. The incorporation (subordination) can be accomplished by co-option of existing entities or even invention of displacing entities, including "citizen committees." cont...
don Gabacho April 28, 2012 at 05:00 PM
(2 of 2) "Corporatist" governance was the form and procedure of governance of Franco's Spain, Mussolini's Italy and, since time immemorial to the present, the form and procedure of governance of Mexico's leadership in Mexico. And, as Mexico's governance continues to penetrate the USA to even engage itself illegally in our own elections---and be allowed too---so does"corporatist" governance become the form and procedure of US governance. Should it---even now---not be stopped?
Carl Childers April 29, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Good morning. I wanted to share a letter I got this weekend. Dear Sir, The Patch is pretty lame these days. Sincerely, Don Knotts.
don Gabacho April 29, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Carl Childers:"...we will have to shoulder a County AND A CITY!" But Jacobs' handlers now have it mandated that 'More is Less'! Heed and be saved.


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