Boedeker Calls Holcomb Drug User in Attack Ad

The House hopeful has already pulled the ad from YouTube after it backfired and received negative press.

Chris Boedeker, in a bizarre political attack ad released on Wednesday, said state Rep. Scott Holcomb, who represents and lives in Tucker, opposed a welfare drug testing bill this year because he's a drug user.

The Republican House District 81 seat challenger quickly removed the ad from YouTube after it was uploaded, however, once it became the subject of negative press attention.

From The Huffington Post, which was given a copy of the ad:

"Representative Scott Holcomb brags about his military experience," the ad's narrator says. "Scott Holcomb talks about using illegal drugs while in the service, which is why he now opposes drug tests for people who receive welfare benefits."

The ad then shows a clip of Holcomb speaking against a welfare drug testing bill on the floor of the Georgia House of Representatives earlier this year. Holcomb said he knew from his own experience in the Army that drug testing could be a difficult process.

"As someone who went through that ... I would always get the call after I had -- you know," Holcomb says in the clip. Ominous music sounds, and the narrator asks, "What is Scott Holcomb smoking?"

In a longer clip of Holcomb's remarks, it's apparent Holcomb's problem was that he always got the call to take a drug test after he had peed.

Read the Huffington Post story for more information.

Holcomb took to his Twitter account, condemning the ad:

"[I am] pretty sure my opponent was sick the day they taught law at law school. He's also a coward and a liar and unfit for public service.#gapol

House Democrats released a statement Friday afternoon supporting Holcomb.

“One of our fundamental values as a nation is to honor those who serve our families and neighbors,” said Caucus Chairman Brian Thomas, a retired Army Major, in the statement. “It is inconceivable that anyone would dishonor a veteran who put his life on the line to protect our country and freedom. We are calling on our State’s Republican leadership to denounce Mr. Boedeker’s false statements against fellow U.S. veteran, Rep. Holcomb.”

Boedeker did not immediately return a call for comment.

More to follow...

Wayne Kelley October 21, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Rep. Holcomb: Thanks for your service to our nation. You must be winning the race - one can only imagine that creating an ad like this is the act of a desperate man. What other reason could he have for creating such a stupid piece of trash? We need people with integrity in government, and Boedecker clearly doesn't have it.
Cheryl Miller October 21, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Rep. Holcomb, I was appalled at the accusations by your opponent and disappointed that today on The Georgia Gang, there was only mention of the fact that you opposed drug tests for welfare recipients. They failed to mention that you opposed it because it is a costly program based on no evidence that welfare recipients are more likely than any other segment of the population to use drugs. In addition, you suggested that those who did wish to spend money on a program like that should instead expand it to include anyone who is actively being paid by the government, such as the legislators themselves, so as to not single out one particular segment of the population over another for a test, esp. since both are making a living on the public's dime. Guess that didn't go over too well with them, but for those who support you (and I am sadly not even in your district any longer), we will continue to do what we can to ensure these rumors are squashed. Thank you for your service to our country and continuing to stand up for all people, even those who often cannot speak up for themselves.


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