'Ashford Neighbors' Petition Gov. Deal for Delay of Proposed Cityhood

Group wants neighbors' help in slowing down the proposed Brookhaven incorporation.


Ashford Neighbors, a group of Brookhaven and unincorporated DeKalb County residents, has created a petition asking Gov. Nathan Deal for a one-year delay in the creation of the proposed City of Brookhaven.

The petition reads: "If you want the Governor to allow DeKalb County time to study the effect of a "New City" on its populace, both North and South, please sign the petition! Why should we accept the opinion of the study paid for by the people who want a "New City", without getting a second opinion?"

Opponents of the plan said that the idea is being 'forced' upon residents by Rep. Mike Jacobs, the Republican state legislator , and sits as a board member on the non-profit group Citizens for North DeKalb (C4ND). The group was commissioned to raise funds for a .  If the bill is approved in the General Assembly, it will be forwarded to the Governor.

"We need time before the July ballot to get our own study on the effect of a new city... [Jacobs'] study was financed by a few members of the Committee for Citizens for North DeKalb who have already discussed who will run for office," the site said.

Jacobs denied the allegation dismissing it as part of a "misinformation campaign."

"Citizens for North DeKalb is in the process of disbanding. So, the notion that it is some kind of secret city government is absurd,” Jacobs said.

The site lists about 30 points that range from accusations that the Carl Vincent Institute study used inaccurate police data to accusing Jacobs of misleading residents in the time frame it would take to conduct the study.

"Rep. Jacobs confuses the citizen by saying it will take two years to "create" a new city.  The citizen asks for two years to "study" the effects of a new city.  Rep. Jacobs muddles the difference between two years to "create" a new city and two years to "study" a new city because the new city will be created in July at the ballot box and take two years to organize," the site claims.

Jacobs also denied the statements.

“I respect individual citizens who oppose cityhood, but it is difficult to respect misinformation or take it seriously,” Jacobs said of the site. “This diatribe is coming from the same group of folks who alerted the community to a secret roundabout plan at Ashford Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry Road that doesn’t exist.”

Despite the petition, Jacobs said he plans to move forward with the bill.

"We’re going to address the bill in the General Assembly and then it will go to Gov. Deal’s desk where he will make a decision on it."

Calls to the group's representative, Laurenthia Mesh, went unanswered at the time of the report.

lu December 06, 2011 at 12:58 AM
DeKalb Chief of Police O'Brien told the audience and Rep. Jacobs at the Montgomery meeting last month the numbers given to the Vinson study were wrong. Chief O'Brien himself distributed the correct numbers at the meeting! Many inaccuracies exist in the study and DeKalb County has the master list of how a “new city” will increase our DeKalb taxes. Rep. Jacobs is not to blame because the wrong numbers were given to the Vinson study, but someone should correct them. At the Cross Keys meeting, over thirty people spoke at the mic, one after the other, in opposition to the “new city”. At the next meeting, Montgomery, no mic was allowed. Rep. Jacobs called mostly on people from his committee, refusing to recognize the opposition. Before the meeting, he told two citizen groups in the lobby to stop passing out flyers and leave the school their children attended. We like Rep. Jacobs but that was not neutral. Rep. Jacobs has been working on a “new city” for over six years. Our only hope to slow down the process is to petition Gov. Deal to allow DeKalb County time to study the effect on our taxes (Petition at AshfordNeighbors.org). Contrary to what Rep. Jacobs says, a roundabout has to be studied as part of any intersection analysis because DeKalb County follows federal policy (Mr. Dave Rhinehart, COO, DeKalb County)--not a rumor after all. Laurenthia Mesh AshfordNeighbors.org
don Gabacho February 01, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Somehow, petitioning the Governor to stop Jacob & Co smacks of asking a tumbling boulder to stop the pebble it tumbles. In any case, I'll sign on if you add that all voting, and plans for any voting, on this or any other issue and, indeed, election, be suspended until full remedy of officials and employees of the Mexican Government registering voters in Georgia, U.S.A.: http://bit.ly/nkqBuS http://bit.ly/odEZbI http://bit.ly/nWDzCU
don Gabacho February 01, 2012 at 05:39 PM
P.S.: Please, do revisit the petitioners for co-addressing the petition to the Supreme Court of Georgia, at this point, given: "'And why shouldn't they [Chamblee] be a part of the conversation?' For the same reason that 'the conversation' is grossly premature for anyone, given (and made an unavoidable concern at least since Doraville's perceptible foray into Embry Hills): the unavoidable perception that, no matter the municipalities of origin or sequence for establishing new expansions or new cities, current municipalization plans being ploy to their eventual consolidation as a single super-city also under the ***still unremedied*** influence of a foreign government even registering voters for not only public office holders (and those they might appoint) but also referendums (including such municipalizations), despite the U.S. Constitution obviously never having empowered any foreign government to so involve itself plus the U.S. Constitution binding all public office holders to---first and foremost---protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
don Gabacho April 17, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Deal signs his---oops---Jacob's proposal. As long forewarned, so much for "the petition." Jacob's: “This diatribe is coming from the same group of folks..."


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