Jail Is One Of Many Cityhood Considerations

A new city of Brookhaven would not have its own jail - at least, not in the beginning - meaning that anyone arrested here would have to be incarcerated elsewhere.

Individuals arrested in a city of Brookhaven would likely be housed at the DeKalb County Jail at I-285 and Memorial Drive, a location between 10-20 miles from the city’s proposed boundaries.

But discussions have arisen at various cityhood meetings that suggest a regional detention facility in partnership with nearby cities could be a possibility in a few years.

The DeKalb Sheriff’s Department administers the county jail, and as city of Brookhaven would not assume any of the sheriff’s department services, including its nationally recognized Fugitive Squad. 

“If taxpayers’ money would be saved by partnering with some neighboring cities to house inmates at one of their facilities or a regional facility, that is something that would merit a lot of consideration,” said J. Max Davis, chairman of BrookhavenYES. “But saving taxpayer money would be the only motivation.”

The Carl Vinson Institute Brookhaven Feasiblity Study was completed under the assumption that a Brookhaven city would continue to use the DeKalb jail to house its prisoners. The study also said that only individuals awaiting sentence by a Brookhaven municipal court would need to be housed in the DeKalb jail.

DeKalb’s jail was completed in 1995, according to the Sheriff’s Department public information office, and spans 940,000 square feet. At normal capacity, it can house 3,736 inmates, and could expand to accommodate as many as 3,900 individuals.

The county jail can receive any person arrested in DeKalb on any state, county or city charge. The city of Dunwoody has no jail, and currently transports its arrestees to DeKalb’s facility.

Chamblee, however, does have its own jail, with 26 beds. It is classified as a short-term detention center, meaning it cannot house inmates for extended periods of time or sentences. Those inmates are transported to the DeKalb jail.

Doraville also has its own temporary jail, which not only houses persons arrested in the city, but also those from Sandy Springs and Johns Creek. The facility has 52 beds and five holding cells. Individuals who need to be incarcerated for longer periods are also taken to DeKalb’s facility.

The population of Sandy Springs (93,853) and Johns Creek (76,728) are both greater than a city of Brookhaven's estimated population of 49,188.

Davis said neighboring mayors “are excited about the possibility of a city of Brookhaven, not only to discuss regional detention facilities but other cooperative collaborations as well. Maybe down the road we could discuss ways of expanding the Chamblee or Doraville detention facilities in a cost-effective way, that could save Brookhaven some taxpayer dollars by reducing the mileage needed to drive to the DeKalb jail.

“It’s nice to know that other cities are excited about these possible opportunities.”

Bill Lowe June 01, 2012 at 04:52 AM
Not one of 60: I know it is late, and I have had some alcohol, but really, I have to ask this, however politically incorrect it may be: When you were a baby, were you dropped or thrown or are you naturally this way? Just curious cause you write like a moron, can't spell or even as a slight compliment can't type. You make your whole "position" look bad. And I usually don't talk bad about females, cause you know, they are the superior sex of the human race.....I find it hard to believe that anyone would ever want to breed with you. (It does not matter what you look like---you could be drop dead georgeous---but being a moron, is a significant turn off.) Sorry to everyone I offended in the previous comments, but I certainly applaud the City Promoters for allowing this entity of "not one of 60" to continue to post publicly in favor of the city.
"E Pluribus Unum" June 14, 2012 at 12:17 AM
HamBurger...yes Silver Lake! We could transport and dump rocks in the middle of it and build the jail on top of it, a la Alcatraz. We could name the place "Pebbles"...in honor of what's rolling ahead inside the heads of those who won't accept the obvious that a new city ADDS another layer of bureaucracy. And in good time, any of our crooked, unethical and receiving kickbacks for "enhanced" city services, can be detained on Pebbles awaiting due process. Your onions are especially sassy tonight!
"E Pluribus Unum" June 14, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Bob R., please don't confuse folks with facts and practical examples of how Nirvanaville might not be so wonderful. It's too overwhelming. But thank you for your worthy observation. PS can't wait to see the next new and improved Yes flier discounting BR's comments.
"E Pluribus Unum" June 14, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Bob Martell...thank you. Your voice of practical experience and insight is greatly appreciated. The only negative coming out of your comments? The fliers/mailings and robo calls from Yes will definitely spike in an attempt to drown out your message.
GuruLikeDrucker July 30, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Eddie E = Full time activist/part time car mechanic. With these credentials, no one will argue that you aren't well qualified to debate the merits and financial viability of a proposed city.


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