Plane Runs Off Runway At PDK

Four passengers were injured. The plane came to rest on Dresden Drive.

A small jet ran off the runway at the Monday morning, injuring several people, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Fox5Atlanta is reporting the accident happened around 10 am. FAA sources were quoted by the station as saying the multi-engine Hawker-Beechcraft 400 ran off the runway, plowed through a fence and stopped near Dresden Drive.

All four passengers were injured, the station said.

Reportedly, 700 gallons of fuel was leaking from the aircraft's tank, the AJC reported.

The flight originated from Gadsden, AL, FAA sources told Fox5Atlanta.

Steve Walker June 18, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I went over to the site and listened in as Fox 5 and WSB 2 interviewed a woman that was driving down Dresden as the plane came right at her through the fence. She was still shaking as she told what she saw. Apparently the plane was attempting a landing or perhaps a touch and go, but as it approached the end of the runway, still in the air she said it appeared that the pilot knew he wasn't going to make it and powered the plane back up, to possibly make another approach, but instead of flying onward, shot straight to the ground crashing through the fence coming straight at her. The front of the plane broke through the fence and came to a rest before it entered Dresden Rd.It appeared that the fence was the only thing that kept it from crossing into the road and into the storage Company and or Shell Station across from the sight. Four were on board and all walked away and were taken to hospitals to get checked out. --


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