Drunk Drivers to Be Targeted During Fourth of July Holiday

This year, Operation Zero Tolerance started on June 20 and runs through July 6. The state is targeting drunken drivers on the roads.

The Operation Zero Tolerance campaign started on June 21 and will run through July 7. Credit: Patch File
The Operation Zero Tolerance campaign started on June 21 and will run through July 7. Credit: Patch File
When you hit the road this weekend, buckle up everyone and designate a sober driver if you plan to drink.

July 4th remains one of the most dangerous holidays on Georgia roads and to combat that, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) is joining a national impaired driving enforcement effort to get drunk drivers off the roads.

To crack down on drunk driving this Fourth of July, law enforcement across the state will be out in full force, aggressively targeting those who put lives in danger by being impaired behind the wheel. In Georgia, GOHS will launch Operation Zero Tolerance in conjunction with the national Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. If you’re over the limit, you’ll be under arrest.

“This July 4th holiday, you can show your patriotism by helping to make Georgia’s roads safer for everyone by driving sober or making sure you have a sober ride home,” said GOHS Director Harris Blackwood in a statement. “Drunk driving is a zero tolerance offense. No warnings. You will be arrested and you will go to jail.”

The good news is Fourth of July travel period crash and injury rates decreased slightly over the last year, but they were still far too high. Similarly, fatality rates remained even with six over a 30-hour travel period in 2012 and 20 over a 102-hour travel period in 2013. GOHS will continue Operation Zero Tolerance until those numbers reach zero.

“We are still experiencing one traffic fatality every five hours in Georgia during what is supposed to be a fun, summer holiday,” said Blackwood. “That means there are 20 people who won’t be celebrating our nation’s independence this year.”

This year, Operation Zero Tolerance started on June 20 and runs through July 6.

For more information on Operation Zero Tolerance, visit www.gahighwaysafety.org.

Brent Seeger June 25, 2014 at 01:58 PM
Sure why not? I mean its not like there is a virtual invasion of our southern border by rapists, thieves, criminals, illegals, and scumbags of all stripes. It only makes sense to further persecute the American taxpayer to pacify bored house wives.
David Brown June 26, 2014 at 08:11 AM
Brent, that is quite a stretch. Your xenophobia just demonstrated itself. Give me a break.
Octo Slash June 26, 2014 at 08:41 AM
I'm as outraged as anyone at what's happening at our borders...but how can you tie that to a July 4th safety project?
Brent Seeger June 27, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Guys you both need a reality check. Illegal immigration has an affect on all aspects of our lives. Just because you two guys don't get it doesn't make it any less of an impact. Octo you make a lot of good comments. You missed the point here. David is a lost cause and a poseur of the highest order so his comments are just more from the Pnut gallery. The fact is that police resources could be put to better use than persecuting the average American taxpayer.
David Brown June 27, 2014 at 12:14 PM
Brent, at least I know the difference between "affect" and "effect". You should have written "Illegal immigration has an effect ...". God bless.


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