Chamblee PD Warn of Recent Burglary Attempts, Catalytic Converter Thefts

Huntley Hills, Gainsborough residents are reporting suspicious activity.

From Officer Alex Cushenan of the Chamblee Police Department:

We have had at least four catalytic converters stolen off of 2008 and up Honda CRV’s as between 01/28/13 and 02/10/13.

These vehicles, along with Toyota 4Runners and trucks, are targeted due to the amount of precious metals in the converters and the height off of the ground that they sit. They are easy to get under without a jack and usually can simply unbolt the converter without cutting or making excessive noise. All of the thefts seem to have occurred over night and are spread out around the city.

Two of the thefts were at Chatsworth Aptartments; one on Parkridge Crescent and another at 5300 Peachtree Road.

Scam alert

Residents of Gainsborough and Huntley Hills are reporting suspicious activity where one person is attempting to distract the homeowner and bring them outside to their backyard while someone else burglarizes the home.

Notify Chamblee 911 if suspicious activity is observed. Also, an email should be sent to your neighborhood watch coordinator and block captain so other residents are aware of suspicious activity in the area.


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