America Has Lost Its Soul

Half of America vs. Half of America: the election results prove that there are two distinct philosophies in America now. The traditional freedom and individual rights vs. the socialist mindset.

Well, the election is over and I, for one, am extremely disturbed by the results.  This country has lost its collective soul.  The popular vote was split almost evenly which is all the evidence needed to prove that half of Americans do not understand their political system or the economic system that is the greatest in the world.  Or should I was the greatest in the world?

If half the population doesn’t know the powers of office that are established by The Constitution, is it any wonder that those powers are being abused unchallenged?  If half the population is willing to let out-of-control spending continue to they can personally gain economically while the country is sacrificed, should we be surprised that the economy is on the verge of collapse?  If half the population can watch the deficit double in 4 years and then put the same people back in charge so they can do it again, is there any doubt that our country is no longer the America my ancestors fought to put in place and fought to keep?

There will no doubt be a trembling of the earth as our Founding Fathers and other freedom-loving Americas do a collective rolling in the grave over this election.  All of the blood that was spilled, the lives sacrificed, has now been in vain.  The saddest part of it all is that half of the population doesn’t even know what they have done.

While they sat in their easy chairs collecting their government checks watching Israel be thrown the Arabs, God sat in heaven and decided he would once again withdraw from this country and leave us to the wolves in Democrat clothing.

Half of America has made it clear they support government take-over of their money, the continued taking of innocent lives before they really begin, the destruction of traditional marriage, the continued demise of education while replacing it with social indoctrination, and government by fiat in place of representation.  They chose to put a man in the seat of the President who hates the American way of life enough to state that “voting is the best revenge”.  I think that pretty much says it all.  Half of America has taken revenge of the other half.  The half who wants the government to take from some and give to them has thumbed their noses at the ones of us who believe in working for what we have.

 I hope the half of America that I belong to remembers that phrase in two years and turns the tables.  I hope that a few of the takers will see the error of their ways and become true Americans, rugged individuals, in the next two years and remember that “voting is the best revenge” and put America back on the path of freedom.

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Cheryl Miller November 08, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Why is it that banks, mortgage companies, big business executives, wall street investors and for-profit education companies can take whatever they want from us and they are not called "moochers," as you put it? But, when someone loses their job because it was sent overseas wants to feed his or her family, they are suddenly a no-good parasite? Why is it okay for the rich to avoid paying their taxes by using offshore accounts, but those wanting to continue the home ownership tax credit or child credit are suddenly un-American? Since when were the Founding Fathers in favor of an American where opportunity is provided for a few and it comes at a price of life-long debt to the rest? One man, even the President, did not create the mess we are in. There is an entire congress and many political leaders who have power to bring forth legislation that is fair and just to help turn this ship around. Instead, many are using their power to do favors for their friends and secure their own bankrolls. Read about their political affiliation on www.alecexposed.org and you might reconsider whom you are calling out as part of the problem.
Brian Crowe November 08, 2012 at 03:10 AM
"God sat in heaven and decided he would once again withdraw from this country and leave us to the wolves in Democrat clothing." I hope you realize this sort of ridiculous nonsense is exactly why Republicans are being branded the party of kooks and dimwits, making it that much easier for Democrats to win national elections.
Tom Springer November 08, 2012 at 05:01 AM
Brian, I had some comments all written up, and then I read yours and thought you summed it up much more succinctly. I second your opinion. It makes me feel badly for the moderate Republicans (there really are some left) who are ready to help lead this country responsibly, together with the Democrats. The editorialist represents a strong current in the GOP, one that has made it hard for this country to move forward. I thought I was fairly accustomed by now to this kind of viewpoint, but at the risk of ceding it more legitimacy than it deserves, I did feel moved to write a rebuttal. I may yet post my thoughts.
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