Incorporating Brookhaven Isn't Mutiny Or Secession

The latest entry into The Forum says YES is best for Brookhaven and DeKalb County.

Recently that if Brookhaven incorporates within DeKalb, citizens of the new city will forgo their opportunity and obligation to support DeKalb County as a whole.

His opinion is curious to me considering he is employed by a private university that competes with public universities in the area. Even more interesting is that his employer recruits students nationally and even internationally - yet the university advertises on television as 'Oglethorpe University in Brookhaven.'

Incorporating Brookhaven is not mutiny or secession. It is very simply a measured movement to have more local control over city services with increased efficiency.

The new city will provide police; parks; roads; zoning; and code enforcement. The county will no longer bear the expenses for those services within the city area. Less than 15% of residents' local taxes will shift from county to the city to fund those five services. The rest of our taxes will continue to support DeKalb for county services including public schools; the fire department; water and sewer; sanitation; etc.

However - and this is vital - Brookhaven will not be a 'private city' in the sense Oglethorpe is a private university.

In contrast to private Oglethorpe University, Brookhaven will be open to the public. The city and the services provided will be for the good of everyone, whether they are a city resident full-time; a work-day resident; a temporary resident attending a private university; a visitor; or someone who is just passing through our 12 square miles.

Oglethorpe is gated and fenced; Brookhaven will be wide open, delivering services to everyone, without questioning their allegiance to city, county, private organization or neighborhood homeowners association or street captain.

When the city of Brookhaven is incorporated, we will still live in DeKalb County and most of our taxes will support DeKalb County for the benefit of all DeKalb County, including the faculty, staff and students inside the fences that limit access to Oglethorpe University campus.

But cityhood will improve local government through efficiency and truly local representation by our own neighbors whom we elect ourselves. And that will benefit everyone, public and private alike.

DeKalb already has 10 cities operating within its borders: Avondale Estates; Chamblee; Clarkston; Decatur; Doraville; Dunwoody; Lithonia; Pine Lake; Stone Mountain; and even a portion of Atlanta!

From DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis' own website: "Home buyers may choose from upscale Dunwoody, the small-town, artistic charm of Decatur, the Victorian homes in Stone Mountain, and growing southeastern DeKalb, where land is open and prices more modest."

Brookhaven has all those qualities right here in our 12 square miles. Brookhaven will fit very nicely in the alphabetical listing between Avondale and Chamblee. YES is best for Brookhaven AND DeKalb.

Clayton Conarro

Dr. Jeff July 19, 2012 at 06:27 AM
Furthermore, please cite where I said specifically to give up your landline... Give me the quote where I instructed you to do something specific? You can't, because I didn't. I indicated that franchise fees would be charged for landlines and GA Power usage. I also stated in parens that we could VOLUNTARILY minimize or eliminate landline fees.... This is something Jodi mentions in her Ashford Study responses. Eddie - you're a FUDge smearing behind the scenes instigator.
Dr. Jeff July 19, 2012 at 06:38 AM
Eddie... Guess you're fielding questions for Hambugular now... So Eddie... Do you think DeKalb County was honest & accurate by revising only 25% of the CVI to, drum roll please, a deficit for a new city of Brookhaven? And then, the very next day a news report hits the NO city party indicating the HOST numbers have been revised translating into a surplus, inclusive of the bogus county deficit, for a new city of Brookhaven.
Dr. Jeff July 19, 2012 at 06:42 AM
Oh goodness.... Eddie can always dish it out, insult people and then go crying to the NO city folks... But, we musn't say things he doesn't like.... Get real!!
patrick July 19, 2012 at 08:07 PM
The stage Will not be set,voters will have LOCAL control over who is elected not have those elected imposted on us.
patrick July 19, 2012 at 10:32 PM
So that we can have taxation without a voice?


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