'Brookhaven Is Already A Well-Known Brand'

In this latest entry in The Forum, the writer says that the existing brand of Brookhaven is alive and well without cityhood.

The recent editorial that the proposed City of Brookhaven would build a brand for Brookhaven was almost amusing.

It appears that Mike Jacobs and his YES neighbors seem to have stronger feelings about the name than the city itself.

Brookhaven has existed for over 110 years and already is a powerful and well known brand. You can ask almost any person in the greater northern Atlanta area and they know exactly where Brookhaven is located. And it is not Murphy-Candler or Buford Highway, nor should it be. Most people in Atlanta will never go to these two diverse areas to shop or eat, even if they get named Brookhaven.

The editorial also mentions housing values. Those in Murphy-Candler might go up considerably but those along the Buford Highway will never go up and those in the actual or real Brookhaven area will probably go down.

Speaking of numbers - without a Perimeter Mall and Perimeter Center as a huge tax base, the tax projections in the UGA study for the proposed city of Brookhaven are very suspect. The proposed city of Brookhaven does not have anywhere near the commercial tax base that Dunwoody has. 

Furthermore, does anyone really think, for example, that the cost of fire protection or other services contracted from DeKalb County to the new city will not increase?

The existing Brookhaven brand is alive and well but I fear that it will be diminished by the proposed new city which has no commonality from end to end. Coca-Cola would never walk down that type of road. 

Peter Landt

Shandon May 23, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Are these maps final because they all just say "proposed." I have a hard time understanding how the deicions were made on where to zone as my next door neighbor appears within the zone yet we are not. Parkridge Crescent (where we are) vs 8th and Parkridge Drive/Ringle. Will this incorporation impact the schools where we are slated to send our children? Ashford Park elementary is literally blocks from our house so I certainly hope it doesn't change anything there.
Kim Gokce May 25, 2012 at 12:32 PM
Shandon: The map approved by ther state for the July 31 vote is final. If you are not currently in city of Chamblee, you are in the proposed boundaries. I know Ashford Park and Parkridge abutt Chamblee but basically anything west of clairmont that isn't already in Chamblee, would bee in the proposed Brookhaven. As for you ES, DeKalb Schools operate 100% independently of municipalities and are not directly affected I'm any way. Go Ashford Park Eagles!
Max May 25, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Then you remember 'Brookhaven Bobby,' and that the adjective 'blighted' used to precede Brookhaven before all the tony townhomes were built. You may recall the Red Dot, Original Pancake House 'mom' that served coffee with a smile while you waited, and that SunTrust was Trust Company and before it moved across Peachtree. Yep, $265 got you a three bedroom apartment at Peachtree Gardens, plus all the free entertainment you could want, the Standard Club had not yet moved to exurbia in a brilliant Charlie Brown, actual name, deal. There was Norge Town! And somebody said you could cop a nickel bag in Lynwood. A real collection of memories, each more poignant than the last. In twenty years what will the memories become?
Max May 25, 2012 at 02:46 PM
More on a sense of place. t You see it is easy to point to a CVI Study and say, "well, it won't work or it will work," or observe other new cities and conclude, "well, that's not us," or "Gee, we can be like that." Defining a sense of place is what occurs when people choose local government and that is easily overlooked. With that choice comes the responsibility of being a cooperative part of the larger metropolis, being able to deliver the 'goods' as promised, and then reaping the reward of a defined community. As it is now, the cumulative ruminations and recollections of folks define Brookhaven, save for the truly historic Old Brookhaven. To some, a sense of place has no value, to others, it is paramount. If it isn't important to you, then look at the 'hard' facts. Just do yourself a favor, stretch beyond Patch and do your own due diligence, explore the pro's and con's, and for goodness sake VOTE. Screw the pickles, onions, and hamburgers, I'm going straight for a Bloody Mary.
Max May 25, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Finally, a shout out from Tea Party to Kim Gokce who's blithe comments on GoDeKalb.com always defused passionate discourse. A good and civic minded person whom I have never met!


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