Art Collector, Extrodinaire

Tips and tricks for art buying like where to start and how to purchase.

Have you always been interested in art and wanted to start collecting art, but didn't know how to get started?

There are a few things to consider when buying art that will ensure a good purchase that is right for you and that you will love in your home.

This article provides some tips and tricks on how to get started on your art buying journey as well as things to look into and understand that will provide comfort and confidence in your purchase decisions.   

Where to look: Art Festivals vs. Galleries

Buying art can be intimidating, especially if you are not sure where to start. In my experience, the best place to begin your search for art is at festivals. Festivals are great because they allow you to see a wide range of work from several artists and galleries. The casual environment enables shoppers to peruse art of many styles, mediums, and subject matter without pressure to purchase. Not to mention, you can meet a lot of the artists and gallery owners to learn more about the type of art they sell.

This low-pressure first step is also great for learning what kind of art you like. Many of us start our search without really knowing what we like about art. Going to a festival is a great way to be exposed to a lot of art and begin to recognize styles you like.

Once you have a better sense of the types of artwork you like, galleries are a great place to find art. There are many advantages to shopping at a gallery. For one, galleries sometimes will let you take out work on limited consignment to see if it fits in your home the way you imagine. Another benefit is that galleries stand by their artists and often will help you resell your art if you decide later that you no longer like the piece.  

Before you purchase

  • Make sure you LOVE the piece. Not lik, but love. Buying art is an investment and if you haven’t spent enough time developing your eye and recognizing your own tastes, you may end up with something that you don’t like later. I might also suggest you sleep on the decision. Think about buying art the way you think about marriage - it should be a lifetime commitment.
  • Imagine where it would go in your home. This is a very logistical approach verse emotional but it is a good strategy to cross reference your potential purchases. If you don’t have the space for a particular piece, you probably shouldn’t buy it. It’s great if you can measure spaces in advance or have particular rooms in mind that you are looking to fill. This becomes even more important when you are purchasing sculpture pieces.
  • Always make sure you are getting a good deal. Research the artists in advance if possible and see what their work is going for. If their prices increase, you can guess that the investment will be a good one. Also price check to make sure you are not over paying. The size of a piece does not determine it's cost. Do your homework.

Art collecting can be fun and rewarding once you begin to learn more about the subject. Make sure to check out our very own Brookhaven Arts Festival next month to learn about artists and galleries in the area. Start your collection!

The festival will be held on Apple Valley Road behind the MARTA station on Oct. 15 and 16.


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