Everyone (even zombies) Challenged to Bike to Work in October

Let zombies show you how to load a bike on a bus. Take the Bike to Work Challenge in October!

Metro Atlanta will experience its first-ever Bike to Work Challenge throughout the month of October. And, to help people feel more comfortable commuting to work via bicycle and transit, a horde of zombies recently filmed a video demonstrating that even the walking dead can load a bike on the front of a bus.

The video, produced by the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and MARTA, can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zioYE6XgMw&feature=player_embedded#!

The Bike to Work Challenge allows participants to log their bicycle commute miles to earn points toward prizes, including bicycle gear and REI gift cards, or to see their name on the regional leaderboard. Riders can compete as individuals or form teams. They may bike all the way to work or just to a bus stop, train station or park and ride lot.

As part of the Challenge, riders will get tips on bicycle commuting, have the chance to participate in “Confident City Cycling” classes and learn about local cycling groups and online communities to join. All are encouraged to challenge their friends, themselves and to use pedal power to have fun on the way to work.

The Bike to Work Challenge is sponsored by the Clean Air Campaign, the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Did You Know?

  • Each week, 20,000+ commute trips in metro Atlanta involve a bike.
  • The average person can burn 200 calories in a 20-minute bike ride.
  • More than 25 percent of auto trips are less than 1 mile.

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Pam J September 30, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Our neighbor lost his license for awhile, so he has been biking to work (about five miles each way). He's been hit two times already (not hurt though), so good luck with that riding your bike to work thing.
Deanna Riddlespur September 30, 2012 at 01:01 PM
My daughter (she is 25 ) and I recently lost out car( engine blew in May) so we have been cycling the 12 mile round trip to school 4 days a week ever since that time.. we also scoot to the grocery store and do our errands via bicycle as well. I have had to call a couple of tow truck places and a granite place because the drivers of such vechicles stopped the truck in traffic to get out and threaten myself and my daughter, we have no choice, we cannot afford a car right now and if we could we couldnt not afford the gas prices anyway . we really love the cycling life but I do wish people On Atlana Road, South CObb , and WIndy hill would have a little more respect to people that have just as much right to be on the road as they do.. This bike to work week is great but you better let the drivers of cars know it is legal.. and ask the people on the bikes to take notice all the folks on phones in the cars.. now if POLICE were on bikes, they would be writing so many tickets... well they could get all kinds of new outlaw getting toys.. Im just saying.. Hoppin off of my soapbox now.. this cycle thing is gong to be interesting ..
Pam J September 30, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Deanna, yes, people need to be more accepted. I like to see people riding their bikes instead of driving their cars. But, unfortunately, there are still way more cars out there than bicycles, so it's going to be a slow process. I can't believe people actually threaten you. That's awful. You are right to report them. Also, how do you handle bad weather days? It's can't be easy (or fun) riding a bike in the pouring rain, especially if you have to look nice when you get to where you are going.
Allen Rodi October 01, 2012 at 02:02 AM
The GA DOT provides a great resource called Bike Sense. I ended up as a biker for 9 months as the SMY league of JUSTICE decided my inability to pay a $150 was worth a suspended license. I would keep my eyes on the license tags of cars as they past me on the road. If they honked, swerved or acted aggressively, I'd call 911 and report them as an agressive driver. The E/W connector was quite friendly but I had less that a handful of too close for comfort encounters on HURT and HICKs. Teenage drivers are the worst. There's even more agression against scooters. I was riding up church rd and a guy started yelling at me. I was toward the side of the road and driving slowly. The next day I met him at Kroger and confronted him. He told me I should get a car. Now, when I'm out and I seem to run into him allot, he'll make it a point to yell angrily at me. There's a lot of HATE towards eco-sensitive, non-car transportation on the roads.
Roger N October 03, 2012 at 08:44 PM
What ridiculous advice. Mace, maybe, but do you really condone shooting a dog for chasing a cyclist? I've "dispatched" pursuing dogs simply with a blast from my water bottle. It startles them just enough to buy a few moments to get away. I imagine a squirt of mace would more than suffice. Besides, I hear discharging a firearm in public brings it's own share of problems.


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