Marist Graduate Completes Basic Training at West Point

Patrick Heller has finished his basic training at the United States Military Academy in West Point.

Patrick Heller, a 2012 graduate of , completed his cadet basic training at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. The basic training went on for six weeks and is sometimes known as Beast Barracks because of its difficulty.

Basic training includes first aid, mountaineering and rappelling, marches of up to 12 miles while carrying 50 pound backpacks, learning how to use hand grenades and grenade launchers, marksmanship with M-16 rifles and training in nuclear, biological and chemical areas.

Heller attained the expert rank with the grenade launcher and sharpshooter with the M16.

He also started his classes on Aug. 20. West Point offers 45 majors leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

Heller gained entry to West Point by being nominated by Sen. Johnny Isakson in November 2011 and graduated from Marist in May 2012. He was also an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts Troop 74 (St. Phillips Cathedral) and went to Christ the King School before Marist.

Now he aims to graduate from West Point in 2016 and be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Best of luck to Cadet Heller!


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