Residents: AGL Unaware Its Pipeline Station Was In PDK's Path

Neighbors say the gas company has not provided answers to their concerns about a gas pipeline station being constructed in PDK's flight path.

A group of concerned residents say they have not received any answers from AGL Resources regarding their concerns about the company's gas regulator station that is being placed in DeKalb-Peachtree Airport's flight path.

In a list of questions regarding the project, leaders of the Clairmont Community Alliance say Atlanta Gas Light project representatives were unaware that the station was being built in PDK's flight path.

"In the initial planning of the gas regulator station, was consideration given to the fact that the station will be located within a flight path of PDK airport?" reads one of the questions. "If so, why were Jodie Huiet and Brad Beckman (project leaders) not aware of the PDK flight path?"

A PDF listing the residents' questions to AGL about the project is attached to this article.

The Clairmont Community Alliance has also notified the Georgia Public Service Commission regarding their concerns about the project.

In a story first reported by Brookhaven Patch, Atlanta Gas Light is constructing a station that is designed to relieve pressure in its gas lines, in PDK's flight path and near a residential neighborhood.

Lori Muskat, one of the leaders of the Clairmont Community Alliance, said she had submitted residents' questions and concerns surrounding the project to AGL project representatives and planners in mid January, but has received no response to date.

She also said DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader had been contacted regarding the matter.

AGL is constructing the gas regulator station near the intersection of Clairmont Road and Tanglewood Circle. The project is part of the company's Eastside Pipeline replacement project.

The project will install new steel transmission lines along a 28-mile stretch of pipeline from Riverdale Clayton County to a connection point near the intersection of Buford Highway and Clairmont Road.

Muskat also cites recent attacks on similar gas regulator stations in other parts of the nation. Last summer, a man attempted to blow up a Plano, Texas, gas regulator station, which led some residents to question the safety of such facilities. A pipeline safety expert later said that the explosion could have resulted in a deadly neighborhood catastrophe.

"We believe the location of the regulator station is safe and we do not have any additional safety concerns," said Annette Martinez, director of external relations for Atlanta Gas Light's parent company, AGL Resources.

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pat thomas February 01, 2013 at 11:04 PM
And, what are they doing in Sam's parking lot on Clairmont. I've been told it is an AGL project. Work is only done at night behind an enormous very high blind. Taped-down wiring runs all through Sam's parking lot with dark "X"s marking where it should be taped.
Hav A Brain February 02, 2013 at 03:50 PM
The work in Sam's is part of the same AGL project as on Shalimar--except that you can bet AGL treated Sam's more respectfully than their complete disregard of the residents in the communities near the work on Shalimar


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