Marist School to Host Semi-annual Paint and Electronics Recycling Event

Event is scheduled for Friday, April 14.

’s Terra Project and Environment Club will host its semi-annual paint and electronics recycling event Saturday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Marist School parking lot.

Marist School is partnering with Planet E-Waste to ensure that all equipment is disposed of in compliance with environmental standards that include a zero-landfill objective and responsible processing. In addition, data on all electronics will be erased before disposal. The paint collected will be fully reconstituted and remixed for resale. 

Electronic recycling is $5 per carload, plus $10 for each television. Paint recycling is $15 for 10 gallons ($15 minimum), plus $2 per additional gallon.

Items able to be recycled include:

  • Computer monitors
  • VCRs, DVD players,
  • stereo equipment,
  • cable boxes,
  • computers
  • servers
  • power cords
  • printers, copiers, fax machine
  • scanners
  • cell phones
  • computer keyboards
  • computer mice
  • spare computer parts
  • USB cables
  • televisions
  • phones
  • fans
  • radios
  • speakers

Note: Items do not need to be in working condition

Paint Recycling:

  • Latex paint in original containers with sealed lids (We CANNOT accept oil‐based paint, containers without lids or that are leaking, aerosol or spray paint cans, hazardous waste, or solvents.)

For more information, please email lukea@marist.com.


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