Tucker's New Local #7 Restaurant and Bar

An outdoor cafe will open in August on Main Street.

Main Street in Tucker is buzzing with the news over Local 7, a chef-driven sidewalk restaurant and bar opening sometime in August.

The tavern will be providing burgers and sandwiches, entrees and daily specials created by international Chef Mikiel Arnold, a graduate of the Cordon Bleu who interned in Peru with the country’s most famous culinary visionary Chef Gaston Curio.

“We are focusing on families and with Chef Mikiel, our restaurant will be a step up from an average bar,” says owner James Haggard. Their goal is to be the neighborhood favorite. “We definitely want to tune in to the neighborhood to satisfy their dining preferences.”

Prices will be kept at a moderate level with hamburgers and sandwiches around $8 and entrees from $12 to $15.

The Local #7 partners James Haggard and Jason Hylton have two other successful Matador Cantina restaurants on the Eastside of Atlanta; one in Oakhurst and the other in Glenwood Park. Like Tucker’s other new merchants and investors, they believe the area is in the midst of a real estate revival.

Located on the corner closest to the railroad, the partners named the café after Tucker’s CSX seventh railroad stop. "The number seven has been significant for Tucker," Haggard said. "According to the history book, it originally had seven schools, seven churches and is seven miles from the other municipalities. It seemed like the perfect name.”           

Typical of the atmosphere in many historically friendly taverns, Local #7 will have a long bar, an exposed brick wall with wooden railroad ties and booths. The decor will include historical pictures of Tucker and other nostalgic items.

“We are speaking to some of the other merchants like the Cofers to collect various Tucker collectables,” Haggard said. The plan is to have live music one night a week and there will be games such as Trivia to encourage locals to stop in for a relaxing evening of play.

The renovation is still in progress with the main entrance opening on Main Street; the covered outdoor cafe will face the railroad providing customers the opportunity to sit outside.

Laurie Morrison from the Main Street Art School across the street and Linda Karr from the new Garden Enthusiast a few doors away both say they are delighted to have the new restaurant on their block and are looking forward to the opening.          

The idea that there will be a new outdoor cafe providing a charming atmosphere and walking clientele for the whole neighborhood is unanimously welcomed by local merchants. With the renovation of new sidewalks, park benches, plants and other plans for the downtown area, excitement for the prospect of new people discovering Tucker’s new businesses and historic facelift is mounting.

Brian O'Sullivan September 20, 2011 at 07:53 PM
Does anyone know when they are going to begin the hiring process?
Jeff Patch (no relation to Tucker Patch) September 20, 2011 at 08:44 PM
They're already open and fully staffed, so you're probably too late. Although you could go over there and ask. Maybe the amount of business they've been doing justifies them hiring some more employees.
Lisa Kuebler September 20, 2011 at 09:39 PM
I understand that their plan is to include trivia nights as well as live music in the future. They have a stage area near the front.
Kate Melton September 25, 2011 at 10:21 PM
speaking of Tucker, does anyone know what happened to the bricks that I bought about 6 or so years ago, that are supposed to be laid when Tucker's revitalization is complete??
Mike Ososki January 02, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Rating 4 of 10, but could be 6-7 of 10 with little effort. 1. Fish & Chips chewy and overpriced. 2. Server doesn't reply "you're welcome" to "thank you" -- twice. 3. "Thin" corned beef (on menu) was anything but. 4. Asked for vinaigrette on side - said OK - didn't happen. 5. Way too much sweet creamy sauce in cole slaw. Otherwise -- good ambiance, decent food, great potential!


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