Skyland Trail Names New COO

And Mark 'Klay' Weaver answers five questions from Patch.

, a non-profit treatment facility for adults with mental illness, recently named Mark “Klay” Weaver as COO. His responsibilities will include clinical services, finance, operations, human resources and marketing and admissions. Weaver's previous position was with Gateway Behavioral Health Services in Brunswick, GA.

So what attracted you to the Skyland Trail position?

Weaver: Skyland Trail has several unique attractions. First, the leadership of Beth Finnerty and the Board is renowned in the behavioral health industry as evidenced by Skyland Trail’s world class treatment programming and evidence based best practices and outcomes.

Second, the opportunities for growth at Skyland Trail are unparalleled, even in the current economic climate we have all been experiencing. Skyland Trail’s future looks bright and promising.

What are some of your goals in your new position?

Weaver: My first goal is to continue Skyland Trail’s tradition of quality service. Skyland Trail has established a national reputation for quality treatment and outcomes, both of which are vital to the maintenance and growth of Skyland Trail’s tradition of quality service.

Other goals include increasing Skyland Trail’s national presence, developing new innovative treatment programs to better serve our clients and expanding Skyland Trail’s physical facilities.

We believe Skyland Trail will double in size over the next three to five years!

What are some of the challenges in your industry?

Weaver: The challenges are the same almost everywhere in the mental health field – not enough resources, lack of funds, poor insurance coverage for behavioral health care and the ongoing stigma associated with having a mental illness and seeking treatment.

Tell us a little bit about Skyland Trail.

Weaver: Skyland Trail is a nonprofit, community-based, residential and day treatment psychiatric facility that offers hope to adults seeking recovery from mental illness. Our treatment programs integrate mental, physical and spiritual health. We specialize in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia and Dual Diagnosis (co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness).

Programs are offered in three campus-like settings and are led by a team of caring professionals who are specialists in their fields. We offer a need-based Financial Aid Program made possible by the generous support from individuals, foundations and corporations that allows clients to access and complete treatment.

Atlanta traffic is probably a bit different from Brunswick, where you last position was. How are you adjusting?

Weaver: Yes, the traffic is certainly different. Scenic driving on the coast with most drivers on “island time” to concrete jungles … However, I am learning there are many just like me trying to navigate their way to and from work. While the roads are congested, most drivers are courteous. The commute does give me time to plan and reflect every day.        


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