Handy Ace Hardware Will Be Rebuilt, Owners Say

The owners of Brookhaven's General Hardware say they will rebuild their Tucker location after a devastating fire.

Joe Smith, co-owner of Handy Ace Hardware, has made it official: the store will rise from the ashes after Friday's huge fire.

"Yes, we are planning to rebuild, bottom line," said Smith yesterday, speaking to a reporter from CBS Atlanta.

The Smith family also owns Brookhaven's General Hardware.

A devastating fire on Friday, Dec. 28, completely destroyed the two-story building that housed Handy Ace Hardware, a long-time Tucker mainstay.

An outpouring of support from the Tucker community for the store and its staff has taken Smith by surprise. "What makes our business is our employees. I mean, that's what everyone knows and the community is concerned about, so that's pretty special in itself," said Smith.

That spirit was evident again on Wednesday as local restaurants pitched in to feed workers clearing the site. Anita Stoltzfus posted on her Tucker Town Talk Facebook page: "Hats off to the Tucker Community! Positive news in the midst of the Ace Hardware fire sadness: Longhorn provided lunch for Ace on Monday. Roly Poly was providing lunch today.

Chick-Fil-A at Tucker Station called me to see how they can help out. Greater Good is hosting a fundraiser on Thursday, Jan. 10. Thanks, y'all for your positive, pro-active spirit of community!"

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Jack of Kings January 04, 2013 at 01:16 AM
Hey, Tucker Restaurants!! Let's all get on this worthy bandwagon! The employees of Handy Ace Hardware really could use some help. And every restaruant could use some "free" publicity. If 30 more restaurants in Tucker did what Roly Poly, Greater Good BBQ and Longhorn did, it would make a huge difference to those whose jobs burned up (albeit temporarily). And I am sure that Tucker Patch and other media would get involved. You might see an increase in business for your restaurant's event for Handy Ace Hardware employees. Get some long term supportive Tucker residents to try you out. And (secretly) you are doing it to make yourself feel good (aka the "Good Samaritan Syndrome")


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