Euphoria for Yoforia

Create even sweeter memories with Mom this weekend

If you didn’t manage to book tea for two this Mother’s Day weekend, here’s another refreshing idea for you – for Mom's euphoria.  Treat Mom to the most delicious, nutritious treat that she’d dare to eat even if she’s avoiding sweets.  Now, for some of you, giving this little treat will be a breeze. However, some of you will have a different experience:

Has your mom ever asked you a question and no matter what the answer, she has an opinion that is contrary to yours?  Or does she keep little tidbits of information to herself until you don’t need them – when you really would prefer not to know? Ah, the precision of Mom’s one-two punch while reclining and not blinking an eye could counter the most strategic offense.  Or what about the moms who watch you embrace healthier behaviors for your family, all the while warning you of the 0.00001% chance that the worst may happen?

Sure, none of us have those moms but we certainly can name one that we know! A Yoforia experience is practically guaranteed to address any such hiccups. This gift that keeps on giving is worth its weight in gold. And most of you have you watched the trajectory of gold’s valuation of late, so you should be prepared for this. At 49¢ an ounce, it’s a bit pricier than good old-fashion fattening and blood sugar destabilizing treats, but isn’t Mom worth that investment? Isn’t Mom like gold?

Now understand, I’m not a granola girl by a long shot, but I am a Yoforia fan thanks to my very first experience with the location on Dresden Drive just down the street from another great Mom idea - . Yoforia is an intensely clean, bright and organic yogurt shop that scored 100A on its health inspection!  Lindsey greeted me before I could get both feet past “Go” en route to stage one of the Yoforia experience:

Step 1: Sanitize Your Hands – Use the products provided before touching the machines please. Don’t you just hate it when someone’s hacking in front of you in the buffet line? Thank you! Sanitize.

Step 2: Pick Your Cup – When I was there, there was only one size. Apparently, there may be a smaller or child’s size in addition to the larger cups.

Step 3: Fill Your Cup With Yogurt – Choose from flavors like cookies & cream, banana, dark chocolate, peanut butter, ferrero rocher, and others.

Step 4: Pile On Topping – Find nuts, grains, chocolate chips, berries, cherries, bananas and much more at topping bar.

Step 5: Weigh and Pay – You can make this fun by trying to guess your price in an effort to forget about the wallet work and get on with your dessert!

Just five little steps stand between you, Mom, and all the splendor of creating a positively memorable Mother’s Day. The only thing that I would reco is a means of weighing your goods before you arrive at the register to make sure there are no unhappy surprises!

Score for this secret shopping experience: 1 & ¾ thumbs up!


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