Brookhaven Business Owners: Mayor Davis Wants You Online

Is your Brookhaven business online? Mayor J. Max Davis hopes so.

Credit: Screenshot J. Max Davis - Brookhaven Kick Off Video
Credit: Screenshot J. Max Davis - Brookhaven Kick Off Video
Brookhaven Mayor J. Max Davis participates in a video for Google discussing the benefits of business presence online. 

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MK March 06, 2014 at 01:28 PM
Mary, why do you always try to make an issue about race and ethnicity? You have a point about cleaning up trash and getting access to grocery stores, but can't you make it without talking disparagingly about your neighbors? My property abuts a larger road and people dumb trash there all of the time, even in fancy Brookhaven. But instead of blaming the city, I pick it up myself once in a while. Maybe you can use your excess energy to organize a neighborhood clean-up day? The mega Asian groceries are actually awesome. You should try them sometime, lots of fresh food that you cannot find anywhere else. I'd also recommend you try out some of Chamblee's restaurants, serving American and foreign food, which are famous all over the metro area. Just because a white face isn't manning the counter doesn't mean that it's no good. I travel to the Chamblee/Doraville section of Buford highway from Brookhaven on a weekly basis to get yummy food.
mary kirkendoll March 07, 2014 at 08:19 AM
Because you cannot discuss Chamblees problems w/out including ethnicity and (illegal) immigration in the discussion. Only if you are an ostrich can you. Has the city of Chamblee ever encouraged assimilation by the immigrant (mostly illegal) community? There is a clear divide between the anglo-American community in north Chamblee and the immigrant communities throughout the eastern and newly annexed southern parts. The businesses throughout 1/2 of Chamblee cater to mostly the non english speaking community. The city has pretty much ignored these areas and allowed barrios and poverty and crime to flourish. The vacant swath of land along the eastern side of PDK is now zoned 'international village' and seems to hold no attraction for investors looking to locate businesses to Atlanta metro. Along Buford Hwy. are barrio's where there are no clues to what country you are in when there. The city leaders have intentionally insulated themselves from these immigrant communities. You can live off Harts Mill, send your kids to high performing schools in those neighborhoods, jog in the beautiful , safe neighborhood parks, shop & do business in Perimeter, Brookhaven , Sandy Springs , have your house values not be negatively effected by the utter shear poverty that this cities ultra liberal policies have created, and never even venture out of your cocoon to see what Chamblee has become. The Chamblee police dept. seems to be the only connection this area has to the city of Chamblee. The lack of assimilation throughout Chamblee is the reason the house values are so low in the newly annexed neighborhoods and if certain people don't wake up soon, these neigborhoods will become just more of Chamblees international barrios. Brookhaven is making clear efforts to better its city. Chamblee is the result of when city leaders fail to do their job.
MK March 07, 2014 at 10:56 AM
You are blaming the City for many things that are decided on a much higher level. Chamblee has been working class since at least the 50s. The difference between then and now is that the American industry was organized in a way that manufacturing jobs (a) existed and (b) paid a middle class salary. The fact that this is no longer the case is not due to Chamblee’s doing. Chamblee would have been much worse off in the 80s and 90s if those areas had been left vacant instead of being populated by the newcomers (who, compared to you, are actually old-timers now). What you are seeing in Chamblee now is the American working class v2.0, for better or for worse. And it’s not a racial/foreign thing. Go around the metro area/state and you will see many neighborhoods like this inhabited by white and African Americans who have been here for generations. It is also disingenuous to hold up places like Brookhaven, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs as good examples. My suspicion is that the majority of Chamblee’s working class do work for people and businesses in those cities. Just drive through Brookhaven and tell me who is making those houses look so nice. So those cities cash in on all of the economic benefits that this work force provides, but care very little about what happens outside of that. Push the can down to road, or, in this case, up Buford Highway. Instead of praising those towns, ask them why they are trying to build fortresses of wealth with little regard to how some of the builders of those fortress fare? As for assimilation, what do you want to be done? Forced integration camps? In my experience, assimilation happens on a neighborly level. So maybe you can try to interact with them by volunteering in the community instead of denigrating them online?
lawson aldridge March 08, 2014 at 09:43 AM
If Chamblee would repeal it's silly "Green" building ordinance for commercial property they may get some new commercial development. The green or LEED certified fad that Chamblee got sucked up in has been shown to be more of a racket than a real or effective tool to foster more sustainable building. Still Chamblee is not that bad, it won't be good though until they do display a little more driven and thoughtful leadership.


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