Consensus Request Was Ignored By Those Who Wanted To Run The City Of Brookhaven.

Would have been nice to have acted on the request for consensus rather than dividing our community. Reposted with permission of the original author.

The Brookhaven Cityhood campaign saw proponents of the city saying Yes! and opponents of the city saying NO! The ironic thing is - the were both saying the same thing!

If you were FOR the city - while you may have been "saying Yes" - you may not have realized you actually were saying "No" to the county government and "No" to the representatives in your respective District. Where "Yes" comes into the equation, is in order to get loose from the county on some level, there had to be an alternative source of the services the county provides to it's citizens. In the case of Brookhaven, after no-one else would take us via annexation, the "only choice" was to create a municipality to "free ourselves"...or was it?

In an email from Kathie Gannon, Super District 6, dated August 26, 2011 - (WHICH BY THE WAY WAS NEVER RESPONDED TO BY C4ND) - to the Citizens of North Dekalb where she reaches out to the organization to request them to engage in a cooperative partnership with the county to come to a solution together.

One of those solutions to enhance the service offerings in the North Dekalb Area would be to create a Special Services Tax District - which is a highly encouraging scenario whereas the residents of a particular area can frame out the enhancements they want, and then works with the county to come up with a cost model.

Rebecca Chase Williams, Mike Jacobs and our very own J Max Davis, refused to even engage in dialog with the county to discuss alternatives. From the very beginning there was no attempt to alert the people in our area who were asking for improved or enhanced services. C$ND, Mike Jacobs, J Max Davis and Rebecca Chase Williams sole objective was to create a city and try to make "their mark."

These people are absolutely not interested in full disclosure and/or transparency. They are out for themselves and that is a cold hard fact.

On November 6th:

• Vote YES to Truth and Honesty. 

• Vote YES to Transparency and Integrity. 
• Vote YES to an achievable Brookhaven model.

AND VOTE NO! to those who attempt to deceive you at all costs to forward their own personal agendas at the expense of the Amazing People of Brookhaven!

Do not be intimidated into to sacrificing your morals and beliefs - not only for yourself - but for your friends and families as well.

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Eddie E. November 05, 2012 at 09:52 PM
petrel, Hold your breath and wait on that to happen. Then feign surprise when the 'milton county' legislation floats to the top in the next General Assembly session.
Stormy Petrel November 05, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Agreed on that point, we will need to work with DeKalb, but don't kid yourself, there is little that could be said on a blog that would affect delivery of services. DeKalb will continue to look for creative ways to stick it to cities, they already have done this - The tax increase that applies only to Cities that was 'announced' just prior to the incorporation vote is one example. Raising the fire service charge is another. Reducing EMS Staff will be another. How does it benefit a Man to live in a Sterling City surrounded by a Pewter County?
don Gabacho November 06, 2012 at 05:15 PM
"Uh... "---Prissy Zealous B'Yes Sirs had even demanded to know---and claimed they had the right to know---how the candidates had voted for (or against) this farce of cityhood. Such has been their disregard for the secret ballot at the very core of our electoral system itself. I wouldn't be surprised, as citizens cast their ballots today, that the same B'Yes Sirs are straining their necks to look over the voters' shoulders even now.
Eric H November 06, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Is this Parody? At first I thought the Patch took another step into the cesspool by accepting columns from anonymous posters. But then I saw the picture to the ID...a fictional unicorn, fictional as in the letter from Kathie Gannon. Sorry but the letter was fiction in that it was too little too late. Commissioner Gannon bless her heart went on a tour of civic and HOA groups asking these questions. But she had no answer to the reasons for a city because its out of her control. Look we are still in DeKalb. Lets get the rest of the county to form their own different cities as Fulton did. Then with the more defined roles left to the County we can focus on getting the county to better focus on those services and become more efficient. C4ND had no reason to answer the letter because they were already well on their way to getting the CVI study done. And that was their role. Their role was not to decide if Brookhaven should be a city, their role WAS if Brookaven COULD be a city. Bottom line if DeKalb really wanted to do something after Dunwoody was on its way to cityhood instead of raising taxes so dramatically they would have focused on streamlining and doing all these so called ideas that popped up at the last minute.
Eddie E. November 06, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Eric, And in just over a month, we will have ample PROOF of just how arrogant and wrong C4ND was. Then we get to pay for their arrogance for at least a decade!


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