Could Cityhood Be the Answer to Improving Buford Highway?

A PBS special points to major concerns on Buford Highway.

Buford Highway has been dubbed one of Georgia's most dangerous thoroughfares, according to a PBS special on dangerous crossings. With few sidewalks and street lights helping pedestrians navigate the busy stretch of road, Buford Highway has been the culprit in many fatalities over the years.

Home to much of Brookhaven's commercial district and apartment living, the area is in need of additional crosswalks for pedestrians, according to PEDS, a non-profit organization that advocates for a more pedestrian friendly Atlanta.

With cityhood on the table, could Buford Highway - at least the stretch of corridor that falls within the proposed city boundaries - finally get some of the attention it needs? What are your thoughts about improving Buford Highway? Tell us in comments then start or join the conversation on Facebook.

Carl Childers May 03, 2012 at 07:40 PM
m May 03, 2012 at 08:39 PM
it can and will take time. Lets talk about taxes. Your current Dekalb tax bill is three parts: Schools, General Fund, Special Services fund (SSD = City Services for unincorportated Dekalb areas: police/fire/planning/trash/code enforcement). Your new tax bill if Brookhaven does and should pass = Schools, Dekalb General Fund, and Brookhaven City. Dekalb county cannot move General fund money to fund SSD services in other parts of unincorporated Dekalb – it’s against the law. If they raise taxes it will be for the general fund, or schools. The real untold truth is control Over Zoning, Sidewalk repair and installation, Street Resurfacing, Sign regulations will be controled by the City. So if you like county fair style government like Dekalb or you want to keep you tax dollars local, for local improvements this is a no brainer. Think Code Enforement, Police Enforcement, Zoning Enforement sign ordinances etc!
m May 03, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Not creating a city = Status Quo. I guess Mr. Childers likes living in a low class strip mall!
m May 03, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Also: a good local plan does not ignore the minority communities, as it currently has. 1000 low income apartments is no answer to a sustainable community. It's call poor planning and caving to apartment developers. You can be bohemian like little 5 points but not be a cess pool of signs and poor design standrads as is bford highway. Furthermore, mixed-use and mixed-income is the only future to revitizing Buford Highway. It does not have to be one way or the other. Village place, not. But Deklab is doing nothing there, and has done nothing about Buford highway safety either. Go Brookhaven! think about local control of tax dollars = instead of shifting them to Stonecrest Mall for more improvements!
Kim Gokce May 19, 2012 at 02:06 AM
I'm a contrarian on the pedestrian "issue" of Buford Hwy. The "issue" of pedestrians on Buford Hwy is that there are so many. No where within 5-10 miles has so many pedestrians. While most see them as a nuisance, I see it as a thriving human activities. I watch the paleteros (men with ice carts), the women with strollers, workers waiting on MARTA and Georgia Bus Lines, children waiting for the school bus or walking to the convenience store or dollar store and it reminds me of my childhood. We actually walked around our community back in the dark ages and I love seeing this activity again as an adult. As far as the "blighted" apartments that are chose by those with no choice, I think this is over generalizing and shows a lack of street level knowledge of Buford Hwy housing stock - there are MANY very nice apartment complexes mixed in with those that are truly dilapidated. Just as there is no "one Buford Hwy," there is no "One Solution." We really ought to focus on specifics rather than bromides. Then and only then will we see progress as we all would like.


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