Briarwood Park Renovations Coming Along

Friends of Briarwood Park has been working with DeKalb County to monitor the park's improvements.

Here's an update from the Friends of Briarwood Park regarding the ongoing renovations and additions to the Briarwood Rec Center community, including the new playground currently being installed:

  • The group is tentatively planning a cleanup on March 2 or later that includes using a DeKalb County Bobcat for possibly cutting a new trail and cleaning out some surrounding underbrush.
  • Wood chips are needed for putting down on the new trail.
  • Supplies such as railroad ties and granite are needed to cut a stair case into the birm at the park, for a second entrance to the new playground.
  • The group is requesting DeKalb County to remove the barbed wire around the pool.
  • Also in the works is a neighborhood film night at Briarwood sometime in May to coincide with the park opening, possibly as a fundraiser for improving the park's grounds.
  • The group is recommending a sidewalk be installed along the entire length of Briarwood Way, from Briarwood Road to Drew Valley Road, as the new playground draws families on foot and on bikes. 
  • Also being proposed is a new restroom facility to be added near the pavillion. Currently, the only such facility is in the Rec Center itself, which is not adjacent to the new playground.

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Andrea Botham February 13, 2013 at 08:11 PM
Anyone have any idea of what they will do with the playground equipment and the steep drop off next to where it is being installed? In theory the playground will be great; in practice if they don't fill in the area where the drop off is, or fence it off, I can't imagine anyone allowing their children to play there.
Andrea Botham February 13, 2013 at 10:41 PM
And my question was answered, positively, there will be a fence! Yay for new playgrounds!


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