Accountability = New Leadership in House district 86

My Husband Gregory Adams, my 6 children and my 6 grandchildren.
My Husband Gregory Adams, my 6 children and my 6 grandchildren.

My name is Jacqueline Adams I am running to become your next leader in the State House. I am that person that has visited middle schools and high schools across DeKalb County to sign up people to be voters over the last 2 years. I have also been a chair holder for District 86 in the DeKalb County Democratic Party and seen my elected official do nothing for her own community.

That's just one of many reasons I'm running for District 86 because DeKalb needs someone that isn't a professional politician (my opponent has served for 24 years as a politician) to take the reins and do Right for all the Voters.

1.    I am your neighbor, the lady that is shopping beside you at Kroger’s, Walmart or food depot down the street from you. Or your Mother is sitting in my hair salon having me do her hair for Church on Sunday. I am that person that works hard all week and still makes time to serve my community through mentoring children, working at my Husband’s Church and being that person that people turn to for help.  

2.    I am that person that is knocking on your door personally asking for your vote, I’m not paying someone to walk and canvass for me. I enjoy talking with people and showing them the respect they deserve as voters as well as seeing them as my neighbors in my community.


3.    I am someone that believes that when you say you’re going to be somewhere that you show up early or hopefully on time, I have and I value voters that put their lives on hold to voice their opinions to me. I won't be like my opponent and just show up 15 minutes before the meeting ends to wave to the crowd and leave with a dunkin donuts coffee cup in her hand. (Stopping at Dunkin Donuts is more important than being on time and talking to voters) 


4.    I won't depend on other legislators at events to know what's going on in session and out on important legislation.  I will know what’s going on in my community and State. (I won’t say I’ll get back to you and never follow back up with anyone.)


5.    If anyone contacts me within 48 hours or less they will get a response back from me personally, it won’t be no response at all.


6.    When I go to the State Capital I vow to never allow anyone to vote my machine in session, and to attend all the committee meetings. I want the voters of DeKalb County to hold me accountable and be that "Powerful" voice to bring change to District 86. (You won’t have to pull my badge swipes/parking logs to know when I actually showed up and left each day)

7. I have a vested interest in DeKalb County, my 6 children have gone through the school system and now my 6 grandchildren are entering in it too.  
What is important to you? Making DeKalb Greater than it's ever been or living in the past? I want a School System that my grandchildren can learn in. I want a County Government that is free from Corruption and is completely transparent.
When you Vote for me then you can see a different present and future for DeKalb. Do we deserve the same leadership or someone else to right the wrongs over the last 25 years?


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